Monday, December 14, 2009

My White Christmas Tree Is Up!

Last year I bought artificial Christmas tree from Jusco, Cheras Selatan. Together with Miss Pipo we end up getting a white Christmas tree. That was the first time I decorated my white Christmas tree. And Miss Pipo blogged about it before in "ChristmasMood" post.

"flashback the memories"

our christmas tree and ornaments

fixing my artificial Christmas tree

Day & night shots

2008 Christmas celebration

Christmas celebration is around the corner so I took out the box of Christmas tree from my yard. Found some old Christmas hats and deers horn hair wear as well. This time I'm going to do it myself with help from my siblings ;)

old Christmas hats and deers horn hair wear
bought it 2-3 years ago

reuse back the old ornaments

found the big Christmas stocking but I got no place to hang it ;(

decoration light in blue color
really match with my white Christmas tree

set up the Christmas mood with our Christmas hat

not enough with the Christmas hat, we change to deer horn hair wear

clean up the space that we going to place our Christmas tree

Christmas stands to support the tree

unpack the Christmas tree from the box

and Da Jie help to assemble the base

quite hard to fix it in with hand only

Miss Pipo come to rescue with a hammer

slowly hit the stands and now the tree can stand into a stable position

now we can start to fold down the lower part branches

put in the upper part as well

shape each branch to look more natural
slightly up, some down, with curving up a bit at the ends to better hold ornaments

Done with my naked white Christmas tree.

Now we can start with the decorations ;)

blue ribbon

circle it around the Christmas tree

same goes to the blue light

hang all ornaments together

add some jewelry garlands

Finally done with the decorations

our hard work together ;)
Thanks to my Da jie and Miss Pipo for the help

I think it's look more prettier than last year ^^

my glorious lighted Christmas tree

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Ho! Ho! Ho!

It's time to hunt for the presents!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Melt My Heart

Last Friday, such a hectic and tiring day for me. After super short trip to Malacca with my siblings and brother in law, I need to rush to work for live event till next morning. Fuh~~~

But when I'm on my way to work, I received a MMS from my daddy without subject. When I clicked into it, it was my mom's picture with Christmas tree. Awwww.. so sweet my Dad. He made me laugh and melted my heart at the same time ^^

this shot just melted my heart

So I replied him and ask where he took the picture.

He replied me back "Wisma Sangan". Hahaha error typing. Maybe his finger is too big for the mobile phone keypad. Actually the location was at one of my hometown shopping center " Wisma Sanyan". He always brought my mom for shopping there.

The next morning, I show the MMS to my eldest sister (currently was here with me for holiday). After saw it, she feels down and wish to go back home soon. I guess my Dad might want to let us know they are doing fine and enjoying life at home without all of us. Ya. I trusted my Dad can take care my mom!!

"Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance DaddyMommy!!"

P/S: 100% guarantee Piggy will cry like a rainstorm after reading this post. Wanna bet??? ^^

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Jane's Bachelorette Party

Had a mini get-together amongst few close ladies friend at Euphoria 2 weeks before Jane's big day. We going to throw her a proper bachelorette party as she bids farewell to her life as a singleton.

first time clubbing with my sister, Piggy

bought this dress from Melbourne, JAY JAY
*got Lynn same dress but in blue color*

On the way to Shah Alam to pick up Jane, we got lost ~~><~~We also cant figure out why every time we will got lost although we been there for many times liao...

The bride-to-be is not a big partier, so we consider Euphoria where the place is non smoking place club. We reached there early around 2130hrs and be the first costumer for that night. Most of us are not drinker so we order one bottle vodka only. FYI, advance table booking only can be made for pre-booked 2 bottles of liquor. No entry fee before 10pm ^^

Euphoria@ Sunway

sofa seat if you pre-booked 4 bottles of liquor

spacious dance floor

the staff being so nice by upgrading us to the table beside the dance floor

Absolut Vodka with orange juice

we still waiting for Christy and Hui See

both of us are good drinker

While waiting for the rest of ladies, photo session with bride-to-be, Jane

While we drinking and enjoying the music, the staff come and upgrading us to the table out on the terrace, the VIP area....even next to the DJ without any charges or additional bottle of liquor.

nice huh? no more standing ;)

and wrist band so that we can enter the VIP area freely ;)

our table just next to the DJ!!

Lynn so excited

and we cheers happily

Cheers for a friend's hen night

Let's dance!!!!

GIF animations generator

wow.. got smoke some more

it's Saturday night but empty dance floor
maybe the night is still young ;)

continue drinking

finished the whole bottle but no one drunk -_-''

nice effect

from laser to Lynn necklace

0100am, dance floor start to crowd

but we are leaving

Desmond, nice staff who helped us to take pics

Lynn with Desmond
Euphoria staff who helped us the whole night, thanks~

They also give us "Ladies Privilege Card"

This will be the bride-to-be last night out with us with "single status". I hope she had a wonderful time on that night with us ;)

Best wishes to Jane, bride to be
"This is just the beginning of a happy and wonderful forever"