Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sydney and around

Another great walk after a delicious seafood meals in Sydney Fish Market. I'm going to walk back to Bathurst Street through Tumbalong Park, Darling Harbour. ^^

It's easy, just follow the street sign

found "Darling Harbour" Signboard

"Heart" of Sydney

crossed over the railway

Finally I reached Darling Harbour, Tumbalong Park. A parkland which has been designed using native Australian foliage incorporated with fountains as an urban stream.

free transportation to Harbourside Shopping Centre

In the heart of Darling Harbour, Tumbalong Park located just at the southern end of Darling Harbour, which has play equipment for the kids, gardens, fountains and sculptures, artificial streams and ponds.

Spring blooming trees at my background^^

spotted wood ducks swimming on pond

The best time to visit Sydney is in the Australian spring. The weather's fine and sunny and great for a walking tour.

walked down Liverpool Street Darling Harbour

After a long walk, dessert time!

LNC Dessert House
Located at shop 12, 339 Sussex Street, Sydney

Variety of gelato flavors to choose from..

woot woot... leng lui

Mango & fruit salad with mango gelato, AUD $8.00

yum yum..

On the way to Market City, I found this pity bird ;(
must be knocked down by a tram

went to buy more souvenirs ;)

walked to Chinatown and have a look around

Heard the food here is excellent and inexpensive, especially from the many food courts or upmarket with a fancy restaurant.

amazing view of the swimming pool from condo lobby

zoom in: can see the people who swimming inside the pool ;)

Overall, I found this is a very enjoyable walk on a warm Sydney evening. After took bath and prepared myself, we went to Pho' LV, Vietnamese Restaurant and Cafe for dinner. Very simple and nice Vietnamese restaurant.

that located at Skyview Plaza,
Shop 15, 545-551 George St, Sydney.

fried spring rolls AUD $ 8.00

wrapped with lettuce

eat together with Vietnamese chili sauce

Special Beef Noodles Soup AUD $ 11.00
Rice noodle soup topped with rare, cooked beef, tendon and beef balls

It was so tender ;)

After dinner, we went to Passionflower for dessert. My friend told me Passionflower has always been the place to go after a meal out.

Passionflower offers Asian exotic ice cream signature flavours such as black sesame, sticky rice, japanese green tea, durian, lychee rose, pandan, jackfruit and taro and their entire menu is absolutely mouthwatering. The eating area's really nice, and the service and presentation is great too

Passionflower Dessert Culture,
Shop G12, Capitol Square
730-742 George Street
Haymarket, NSW 1240

Double ice cream waffles
two freshly baked waffles with 2 ice creams of your choice and maple syrup

A great evening and definitely will gain few more kgs after this (T____T)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sydney Fish Market

I'm a seafood fanatic and this is one of my "must-go" places in Sydney. After visiting Bondi Beach, I'm going to Australia's world famous Sydney Fish Market.

Sydney Fish Market open 7 days per week from 7am till 5pm.

Sydney Fish Market located on Blackwattle Bay in the inner west suburb Pyrmont Bridge Road. The market is a five minute stroll down Pyrmont Bridge Road.

Outside the harbour, there are few tables and chairs where you can sit down and enjoy the sunny weather with some delicious take away meals. But beware of the seagulls.

This little creatures will surrounded you and attempt to steal your meals.

Don't ever feed them because these seagulls were fierce and aggressive. You might get bite or scratch!

Sydney Fish Market are daily wholesale auctions for Sydney's seafood retailers and hosts six seafood retailers, a bottle shop, fruit and veggie market, bakery, sushi bar, restaurants, gift shop and deli.

types of cheese from Blackwattle Deli

fresh scallops

Mud Crabs

gigantic snow crab

prawns and abalones

Rock lobsters

varieties prawns

Atlantic Salmon

King fish

different sizes and species octopus

Many retail shops offer takeaway seafood either in cold platters or cooked on demand. After surveying, we choose "Christie's Seafoods" that offers fresh seafood including sashimi, raw or cooked, prawns, a fantastic selection of fish, shellfish, oysters and more. You can buy it ready-to-eat, take it home to prepare yourself, or try something from their seafood kitchen's extensive menu. Beside that, "Christie's Seafoods" have the market largest selection of live seafood including crabs, lobsters, mussels, abalone that you can even select from the tanks to be freshly cooked.

Christie's Seafood at Australia's world famous Sydney Fish Market

Oyster bar that serve fresh shucked Pacific & Sydney Rock Oysters

The worker preparing the oysters and open it with an oyster shucker

She was very fast and expert like open it, took it out from the shell and placed it back less than a second. Amazed ;) She asked me to take Pacific Oyster because it's much sweeter and juicy.

the freshly shucked oysters and I got one for each types

We ordered live Rock lobster from the tank that cost approximately AUD $75. Freshly cooked for us without any charges. Asked the chef for deep-fry with sweet and sour sauce.

In fact, I was afraid of holding the lobster -___-ll

Indoor seating

We also ordered 1 set of hot seafood platter for two that consisting of 2 prawns cutlets, 4 fish cocktails, 2 oyster Mornay, 2 oyster Kilpatrick, 2 scallops, octopus, calamari, chips and 2 types of sauces that cost us AUD $28.50.

Sweet and sour lobster

this is Sydney Rock oyster

and this is Pacific Osyter, which taste nicer ;)

enjoy a nice fresh oysters and seriously it's so fresh^^

I met a new friend, also a single backpacker just like me. She came from Hong Kong and will be traveling around Australia for 3 months. Invited her to share my foods as well. I can't finish it alone.

Damn!! I just can't remember her name!