Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Follow The BUNYIP to Philip Island

Throughout my holiday in Australia, I used Bunyip Tours. I choose 3 packages that included popular destinations in Melbourne. Bunyip Tours is an award winning Victorian tour operator, offering a variety of adventurous, informative and unique tours.

The weather Melbourne is famous for is to be unpredictable "four season in one day". Like people say "don't worry if you don't like the weather in Melbourne, it will no doubt change a few times over the course of a day"

When coming to Melbourne, I only brought a pair of flip flops. That morning, the weather is freaking freeeezing outside..... Luckily the tour starts at noon, so I have time to get myself a pair of shoes. I managed to get a fluffy Crocs sandals for Aus $20 only. Weeeeeee...

It's still early, so I have time for breakfast :)

my breakfast set

here in Melbourne it is definitely to have latte for breakfast ^^

Bunyip van are conducted in modern air - conditioned with 24 seat.

1st stop: Moonlit Wildlife Conservation Park

Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park is located on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria on the way from Melbourne to Philip Island. Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park is an Australian Wildlife specializing in local and endangered species.

The sanctuary has over 200 animals of some 30 species. At here, you can see Kangaroos, Wallabies, Dingoes, Wombats and more.

Solar powered entry building with cafe and gift shop

Ice breaking session with very knowledgeable staff and her snake

dare or not?

After that, a guide takes us on a walk through natural bushland where we can spotlights a variety of nocturnal animals which many of them endangered.

The Emu is the largest bird native to Australia. It's believed these birds became extinct due to hunting and to fires started on the island.

Another loveble animal is going extinct. Dingoes may seem like just another dog but this dog could be extinct within 50 years.

nearly extinct, the pure Dingo

Next endangered animal, Koalas

Here, we are not allowed to touch the Koala. Only photography allowed.

Koalas have become endangered because for its soft fur, their habitat is being destroyed and also a fussy eater which only eats eucalyptus leaves.

Take a guided tour around the natural bushland garden. Here, we can come into close contact with the animals in their natural habitats and observe their natural behavior.

The sanctuary offers the best experience by feeding, patting and touching the animals.

friendly Kangaroo asking for the food

That's Wallaby, small head fat body ><

mom.. mom... mom...

we can freely hand feed kangaroos and Wallabies

The wallabies are extremely friendly and love to be fed by hand

lazy Tasmania Devils

poops everywhere, so I need to becareful when walking on the grass


spotted a lots of Cape Barren Goose

A large goose resident in Southern Australia

2nd stop: Churchill Island Heritage Farm

Churchill Island just off the coast of Philip Island holds an important place in the history of European settlement in Victoria. Churchill Island is easily accessible by an all vehicle bridge from Philip Island.

One of Victoria's hidden secrets

This tiny island of 57 hectares is now open to the public as an historic working farm that boasts significant natural and cultural values with world class wetlands, ancient Monnah trees, heritage gardens and historic buildings.

The Visitor Center features an exhibition on the history of the island, quality gift shop and licensed cafe.

Breathtaking views of Western Port

heritage buildings

blacksmith garage

Daily activities, sheep shearing

professional sheep shearer is teaching sheep shearing

after shaving the wool off

freshly shorn sheep and it takes up to six weeks for the fleece to regrow

Beautiful Clydesdale horses

Demonstration trimming the nails & nailing the shoes

a big nail

A young Clydesdale

3. Woolamai Beach

Woolamai Beach is on the South-East corner of Phillip Island, which is around 100km South of Melbourne, in the state of Victoria, Australia

There are two main car parks and access points to Woolamai, the western (first) access point is also known as Anzacs Beach.

Woolamai Beach

my shadow

special Shorebirds breeding home

It is a long sandy beach, the sand is a nice golden colour and very clean

Short walk to a secluded beach and enjoy the fresh Spring weather

look at the sand

Woolamai Beach is an ocean surf beach, affected by wind, swell, and tides

my favorite shot

wrote by Brazilian tourist ^^

Stopped by Cape Woolamai, the small town of San Remo for dinner

Bridge to Philip Island

an important fishing port


My favorite shots!!

Black Swans

4. The Nobbies Centre

We then drove to The Nobbies. Located only 5 minutes from the Penguin Parade. The Nobbies Centre offers spectacular coastal scenery from the boardwalks or lookout point set amongst natural sea birds garden and the chance to walk among nesting seabird colonies.

Always keep your eyes open, I had the chance to see a Kangaroo crossing the road

Spotted little penguin hiding inside the hole

Little Penguins are often seen here resting between seasonal and daily duties

The Nobbies Boardwalk

Enjoy the sea bird gardens offering spectacular flowering displays in the spring.

Silver Gulls nest here and chicks can be seen during spring and early summer.

wondering why the seagull bite at the chick ;(

Stroll along The Nobbies boardwalk

Nobbies Blowhole

again, my favorite shots

Last stop: Penguin Parade

Drive down to the parade to watch the world smallest penguins. Every evening, at Summerland Beach this little penguins colony will emerge from the sea and waddle ashore to their sand dune burrows.

No photos from Penguins Parade as no photography or video at penguins allowed

It's all store in my brain ;p

so enjoy the Welcome to Penguin Parade photo....

also Goodbye and thank you photo ><

The experience is truly memorable