Friday, July 31, 2009


Sometimes I wish I have like 30 hours in a day instead of just 24hours. What about you guys??

Wake up early in the morning because I need to attend Censorship Training at 9am. When I reached the guard house, the guard still stopping me and took my temperature. I'm just wondering if the H1N1 thing is really worth being afraid about still? I don't really hear it on TV anymore but maybe once or two times every week.

"36.6 degrees celsius, Madam". Ideal body temperature and he let me go. While walking through Media Library entrance I almost step on something. It's a snail. So long I didn't see this kind of snail since I'm moving to KL. Suddenly remind me one of Kampus Astro promo.

My child once asked me "Mom, which animal has the most teeth?"
I found the answer in the documentary
It's Snails.

I just know about it when I saw the promo. =)

The training ended at 12pm and my supervisor giving me and Fido a weird task to complete and we have to pass to her by tomorrow. WTH. Do you hear that??? Tomorrow!!! She want us to compile all the footages that content kissing, naked, sexual and bed scene, pointing middle finger and technical faulty into a cd. Luckily we managed to get helped from Zul, NPU editor for all the uncensored footages. Thanks alot to him. Now I need to go back home and look for all the naked and pointing middle finger photos. "Tak ada footages... gambar still pun jadilah..." hope to compile everything, edit and burn into the CD as soon as possible. Reached home at 3.30pm and start to google all the photos. This is what I got. Cute hor??

*source from Google*

Try to compile and edit everything. But failed. Keep trying. Just realize I just reformat my laptop and haven't install lots of software. It's already 5.30pm and I have to ask help from Fido. Smsed him and I will pass all the compilation to him and he will do the editing and burn it into the CD. Meet him at Mamak nearby my house at 6pm. I need to replace him for early morning football match. Need to be in by 11pm and work until 5am. I'm going collapse. T_______T

But luckily I got a multimedia message from my Dad that cheer up my day :) Finally he knew how to send MMS lol..

During working time, I found this thing placing in the middle entrance to the lobby. When I walked near to it, oh... it's Alcohol Hand Sanitizing Station. Astro is taking extra actions that can help prevent the spread of germs that cause respiratory illnesses like influenza.

Alcohol Hand Sanitizing Station

Just open your palms and receive sufficient sanitizer

Alcohol-based hand cleaners are also effective

some useful info

how to use Alcohol Hand Sanitizing

Such a tiring day for me. But when thinking I'm going to ASTRO Treasure Hunt 2009 this coming weekend at Swiss-Garden Damai Laut Lumut, tiredness gone in minutes. :)

Retro Party? I got no time to think or prepare what to wear for the party. =(

Dig .. dig... and dig... I found this dress that similar to Retro costume.

I guess this will do, maybe??

Arghh... just have fun la. Have a great weekend =)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Strawberry Joke

Last week, I have been conned by Ashley during tuition class.

She always come out with weird questions or jokes during my tuition class. Cheerful girl just like "Happy Pistachio nuts" (Kai xin guo)....
totally different with her eldest sister, Sandra. (more serious)

While I'm busy marking her sister composition, suddenly she asked me something:

Ashley: Do you think I can make you say "Strawberry"

Without thinking twice, I straight answer her....not even looking at her face. :P

Me: No

Ashley: What fruit is red?

Me: Apple

Ashley: What fruit is green?

Me: Apple

Ashley: What fruit has stripes?

I turn my head up looking and her and start to think what kind of fruit has stripes.

Me: err...watermelon

Ashley: You just said it!!!! (Damn loud her voice, ok!!)

me again...without thinking

Me: I thought you said strawberry not watermelon?

Ashley: You just said it!!! Hahahahahaha.....

They both burst out into a loud chorus of laughter

Me: Oh you naughty girl!

Ashley: I was joking you know....

and she laughs again.

P/S: Who wants to be my first victim?

Anyway Miss Pipo & Riverbird already kena!!! Hahaha :P

My Purr-fect Seremban short trip

Headed down to Seremban town with YCGallery for BBQ crabs. We planned to eat Seremban grilled crabs a long time ago. As what YCGallery told me, Seremban has always been famous for its BBQ crabs. *wink*

Seremban Town

Finally we reached our destination, "Kedai Makan Seremban". Highly recommended by YCGallery.

Kedai Makan Seremban

Smile of the day :)

We ordered 3 dishes without rice. Lala soup,1kg Tomyam crabs,1kg Grilled crabs. 2kg crabs for 2 person. I know i'm pelahap when come to makan. -_____-''

Special sauce

Lala Soup

Tomyam crabs

Grilled crabs

And the crabs were amazingly fresh and the meat taste sweet and juicy.

need best techniques for eating them

enjoyable process. Bon appetite!

my habit every time after finish the drink

playing around with YCGallery Nikon D300

*all photos are took with Nikon D300 too*

I guess we are the best partner when come to eating crab part. Cause YcGallery love to eat the body of the crabs and I love to eat the claws and legs :)

For more information about the shop location pls visit:

YcGallery brought me to buy baked crispy bun, Seremban famous "siew pau" as well. We stopped by "Warong Seremban Siew Pau" at Jalan Rasah. For original siew pau, we can choose between pork or chicken filing.

fresh baked "siew pau"

Continue with our trip. We went to search for beef noodles in Seremban Town which apparently quite famous.

Finally we reached the shop, Seremban Beef Noodles " Yee Kee"

Both of us are still full so we just ordered one bowl of their mixed beef soup.

refreshing Ribena Lemon

mixed beef soup

We went back to KL after this. Although it's just a short trip but it's was an awesome trip :)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Get Well Soon, my dear Kenari

It's been 2 months 10days. Well my poor Kenari still in the Lee Foot Sang workshop since the accident.

I bought my first car "Kenari" in 19 July 2004, yeah... 5 years ago. And I still love driving in it.

Younger Moonkitty with new born Kenari :)

Went to visit my car at workshop last week and so sad to see the condition of my beloved car. I feel so sorry for my car. The worker told me they need sometimes to fix my car and I wont be able to get my car by 15 August. T__________T

Poor Kenari still in the workshop

I'm in deep shit. My parent will come to KL to attend my brother convocation and they didn't know anything about the accident. How I'm going to explain to them and what they reaction when saw the cutie Kancil I'm using now. Fuh~~~ headache!!

And I went to renew my car insurance and road tax last week without my car. *Sigh* When I can stick the new road tax to my windscreen??

*I definitely missing my car.*

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Yasmin Ahmad has passed away :(

Sad Day...

I love "Sepet" movie which was accorded The Best Film Award and The Best Original Screenplay Award at The Malaysian Film Festival 2005. That was the first Malay movie I watched at GSC Midvalley cinema with Manzerk, Alief and Wahida 5 years ago. Such a wonderful movie that touched my heart as well as my soul.

Film Director Yasmin Ahmad collapsed during a meeting at TV3 Sri Pentas on Thursday, 23 July due to a stroke and was rushed to the hospital and undergoes brain surgery.

At 11:25pm Saturday, 25 July, Yasmin Ahmad passed away at Damansara Specialist Hospital. I am really shocked when I got to know the news from AWANI channel around 2am. I'm in Pres Suite that time and was preparing for the Golf live event. Stunned there for a minute and speechless.

I wish to extend my condolences to the entire Yasmin Ahmad family for their loss.

Rest In Peace Yasmin Ahmad

Thank you for your wonderful movies.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

An Outbreak

Don't know what is going on with me... HELP!!!

  • Wake up at 2.30pm today and Miss Pipo asked me to accompany her to Al-Ikhsan to buy her futsal accesories.* You better win the match and get back home with RM10000*
  • Miss Pipo been craving for "Ikan Pari Bakar" Kopitiam which just next to Al-Ikhsan, Metropoint Kajang. So we go for lunch there.
  • I ordered set meal "Nasi Petai Seafood"
  • After filled up our stomach, we decided to stop by a video shop.
  • Less than 10mins, I had a stomach ache and had to go back immediately.
  • Goddammit... the journey back home seem like so long and my butt ache come too fast :(
  • Spend around 20 minutes in the toilet to spread out everything... Not enough with the diarrhea, I start to vomit everything out too!! YUCK~~ *repeating for few times until I got nothing to spread out or vomit out"
  • When I come out, Miss Pipo dengan selambanya ask " You vomit ka??" -______-'' and asked my help to take her picture wearing her new futsal jersey.
  • Lost all my energy and immediately turn weak. Lying down on my bed and fall asleep after that.
  • Wake up at 7:00pm and prepare to go for tuition. Stomach still feel uncomfortable. Luckily Ashley is there to cheer me up with her lame jokes. *conned me with the strawberry joke*
  • Thought want to stop by OUG night market after tuition but food poisoning symptons seem force me to go back home. * again going to miss my dinner*
  • Reached home safely and throw out again... I wonder what I ate!
  • Feeling down and unhappy :(
  • OK!! It's time to take my medicine and force myself to shut off my eyes.
  • Good night!

A Conversation With My CuPPyCaKe

19 July 2009 ~ A boring Sunday night for me as I need to go to bed early and wake up at 1:15am to work. Sien...

While watching "Tien Cai Chong Chong Chong" (Go, Go, Go Genius) program, I been wondering what my Dad doing at home and thinking want to start with a funny conversation by messaging him. Cracking my head on what topic to chat, suddenly popped out an idea to test my Dad humor level.

Expecting some weird answer from him. :P

Below are our full conversation through messaging....

wish to have PS3 long time ago :)

My Dad doesn't know what is PS3 -_____-''

I realized my Dad doesn't know how to use punctuation marks in messaging. Must ask my eldest sister to teach him. Suppose to be
" We do not have PS3 at home?"
FYI, we do have PS1 & PS2 at home. That why he confused.

try to pancing pancing him to buy it for me :)

Mission failed. So smart my Dad -____-''

Then he try to change the topic to TOTO result

I replied him and try to mention back about PS3 :)

Again he ignore me and stick to his TOTO topic

I try to negotiate with him but no reply from him

guess he fed up with me or fall asleep :P

This is how we ended our conversation and I found out by having this kind of conversation with my Dad even if it is all jokey jokey but it is pretty wonderful, don't you think so??

Anyway my Dad sense of humor is pretty good.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"An unusual piece of chocolate"

Moonkitty & Miss Pipo love Domo-Kun and wanna spread the good word about him.

What is Domo-Kun?
  • Domo-kun (どーもくん) is a small brown open-mouthed monster hatched from an egg who lives with a wise old rabbit underground. He's way too cute and farts when he's nervous.

Moonkitty & Domo-Kun

  • DOMO is a strange creature born from an egg. One day he fell into Usajii's house, the old rabbit likes TV. After that he began to love watching TV. Domo-kun really, really likes TV

watching TV at Moonkitty's house

  • Favorite food: Seasoned beef with potatoes

  • Disliked food: Apple (There seems a deep mystery in his DNA)

  • Favorite talent: MAX and The guitar wolf

He is gentle and strong

Recently, Moonkitty bought Domo-Kun bag from Action City, The Garden for RM38.90. She feel so happy and love it so much.

Moonkitty & her new Domo-Kun bag

being such a good buddy to protect Moonkitty from the sun and cold with his furry material.

Protect Moonkitty from the sun

Protect Moonkitty from the cold in cinema

Don't get cheat by his creepy looking monster. Although he always think he is Godzilla... but in fact he is such a cute creature with squarish, brown and furry, little button eyes and can't seem to close his mouth.

So everyone... say Konichiwa to Domo-Kun :)