Monday, December 14, 2009

My White Christmas Tree Is Up!

Last year I bought artificial Christmas tree from Jusco, Cheras Selatan. Together with Miss Pipo we end up getting a white Christmas tree. That was the first time I decorated my white Christmas tree. And Miss Pipo blogged about it before in "ChristmasMood" post.

"flashback the memories"

our christmas tree and ornaments

fixing my artificial Christmas tree

Day & night shots

2008 Christmas celebration

Christmas celebration is around the corner so I took out the box of Christmas tree from my yard. Found some old Christmas hats and deers horn hair wear as well. This time I'm going to do it myself with help from my siblings ;)

old Christmas hats and deers horn hair wear
bought it 2-3 years ago

reuse back the old ornaments

found the big Christmas stocking but I got no place to hang it ;(

decoration light in blue color
really match with my white Christmas tree

set up the Christmas mood with our Christmas hat

not enough with the Christmas hat, we change to deer horn hair wear

clean up the space that we going to place our Christmas tree

Christmas stands to support the tree

unpack the Christmas tree from the box

and Da Jie help to assemble the base

quite hard to fix it in with hand only

Miss Pipo come to rescue with a hammer

slowly hit the stands and now the tree can stand into a stable position

now we can start to fold down the lower part branches

put in the upper part as well

shape each branch to look more natural
slightly up, some down, with curving up a bit at the ends to better hold ornaments

Done with my naked white Christmas tree.

Now we can start with the decorations ;)

blue ribbon

circle it around the Christmas tree

same goes to the blue light

hang all ornaments together

add some jewelry garlands

Finally done with the decorations

our hard work together ;)
Thanks to my Da jie and Miss Pipo for the help

I think it's look more prettier than last year ^^

my glorious lighted Christmas tree

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Ho! Ho! Ho!

It's time to hunt for the presents!!

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