Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A roadtrip to Sekinchan + Joanne's Wedding dinner

Been to Sitiawan last week to attend Luanne & Wilson's wedding. Suddenly realized that I haven't blog about Joanne's wedding dinner. Sorry.. I know it is long overdue post but I still want to blog about it.

We were on a roadtrip to Sekinchan which both a fishing village as well as a rice producing area to attend Joanne's wedding dinner. Her husband from Sekinchan and she was my ex class mate during secondary school.

Louise brought Prince Yao along ;)

he's overjoyed with the trip

That was my first time to Sekinchan. We drive far from Kajang to Klang and all the way to Sekinchan. All the way to Sekinchan, we have to rely with my Iphone maps. Lucky I brought my Iphone along.

useful and helping a lot

spotted him wearing my wedges at back seat. So cute ;)

After 2 hours journey, finally we arrived at Habour View Hotel. Such a peaceful town. Without wasting our time, we check into a hotel and impressed with the room. The price are cheap and the room also clean and spacious.

Habour View Hotel

our room and big enough for Prince Yao jumping around

got astro channel too!!

clean bathroom

so surprise when I saw tooth brush and tooth paste
provided for us too

Prince Yao with 100% fully charged active mode

How to get there,
Hotel Habour View Sekinchan
Jalan Menteri Besar 1,
45400 Sekinchan,

Tel: 03-3241-8868

Super hungry mode triggering us that our stomach need some foods. Without any information, we went out round round around Sekinchan town while looking for the place to have our lunch. We passed by paddy field but too bad, the farmer just after harvesting the paddy. So no nice paddy field photo for us ;(

Paddy field

I forgot what is the restaurant name already but it's just located behind our hotel. The foods tasted superb and the price also reasonable.

Fried white rice cakes

"tie-pan" style squids
highly recommended!!

Fried fish behoon

After our simple lunch, we went back to hotel and prepared ourselves for the wedding dinner.

temporary nanny while Louise took her shower

No photos from the beginning because it's raining heavily before the wedding start. So let's start with the wedding dinner foodies....

1st dish - Assorted cold dish
I love the rojak sotong ;)

2nd dish - Shark's fin soup

3rd dish -crab's meat that stuffed inside the shell

4th dish - Asam fish, and the fish are so FRESH!!

5th dish -Pork with fried buns

6th dish - marmite fried prawns and OMG the prawns are super FRESH too!!

7th dish - Veggies with Japanese tofu and mushrooms

8th dish - Steamed chicken

My handsome friend, MR Kelvin who getting bored with me.
Why? Because he need to wait for me to snap the food photo before he can eat ;p

Last dish desserts

great smile with the pink dessert matching with his pinky shirt

Prince Yao Yao still looks cute although tiring liao

Introducing the pretty bride, Joanne & his groom, Eric!

And don't forget all my ex classmate/hometown friends who coming all the way from KL for the wedding dinner too!!

with Siew May

group photo,
from left Kelvin, Louise & Prince Yao, Johnson & GF, and Siew May & Hubby

Congratulation "Cha bor"
Joanne, "Wishing you the best of life today and in the days to come"

another group photo with the groom in ;)

We had a great time and happy with the gathering during the wedding dinner.

Look at my back..poor little Yao Yao. Sleeping soundly once we reached our room but only for half an hour. After that, he woke up and non stop saying "Nite Nite Yi Yi" to me. *faint*

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

5 Mei - Today is my mom's birthday.

I went back hometown last week to celebrate my mom's birthday together with Mother's day as well. Since I move to KL, I never have chance to celebrate my mom's birthday. So this year I promised with myself no matter how, I want to go back for the celebration although a bit earlier than her actual birthday. Together with my siblings, we went to the bakery shop and order special birthday cake for her. Cute right?

Cake based from my mom's pretty look ;)

look alike?? haha!!

Mom, you have been a awesome wife too!
My dad, the most lucky man in the world

a mom with her 4 daughters

and all of us except Long Ge

My mom is 58 years old today
but incredible right? she still looks so pretty ;)

Mom turns a year older, but she’s still as beautiful.

haha ^^ she's confusing where should cut the cake.
She don't want to cut off her face

end up she found her spot ;)

my dad sayang-ing my mom^^

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Dear Mom,
Today at your birthday, I want to say happy birthday and also I’d like to say that I really love you. Thank you for being YOU! I think I owe my Mom a great debt.