Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

5 Mei - Today is my mom's birthday.

I went back hometown last week to celebrate my mom's birthday together with Mother's day as well. Since I move to KL, I never have chance to celebrate my mom's birthday. So this year I promised with myself no matter how, I want to go back for the celebration although a bit earlier than her actual birthday. Together with my siblings, we went to the bakery shop and order special birthday cake for her. Cute right?

Cake based from my mom's pretty look ;)

look alike?? haha!!

Mom, you have been a awesome wife too!
My dad, the most lucky man in the world

a mom with her 4 daughters

and all of us except Long Ge

My mom is 58 years old today
but incredible right? she still looks so pretty ;)

Mom turns a year older, but she’s still as beautiful.

haha ^^ she's confusing where should cut the cake.
She don't want to cut off her face

end up she found her spot ;)

my dad sayang-ing my mom^^

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Dear Mom,
Today at your birthday, I want to say happy birthday and also I’d like to say that I really love you. Thank you for being YOU! I think I owe my Mom a great debt.

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