Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Featherdale Wildlife Park, Sydney

Continue with Blue Mountains day trip. Before our tour ends, we were brought to this award wining wildlife park, Featherdale Wildlife Park, Sydney.

Love the atmosphere of this park as I can be up close to the animals especially the Koala bear!! My first experience of being that close to the animals especially Koala bears and Kangaroos.

This park have lots of different Australian animals that i never see it before

At the Featherdale Wildlife Park, most of the animals are able to walk freely as there are minimal cages and more open areas where we can walking around amongst the animals. First time in my life I can get up close and even pet wallabies, kangaroos, and even a Koala bear ^^

Kangaroos lying around in the park

my first time to get closer and touching baby kangaroo

and my first time saw a Joey in a Kangaroo pouch.
FYI, A baby Kangaroo is called Joey.

Albino Kangaroos are extremely rare and found exclusively on Australian Zoos

Hi, meet my new friend from Vietnam, Nguyen Hue

Plenty of koalas hanging out in trees and looks how lazy all the koalas can be.
Sleeping only.

some information about how the baby koala grow up

I had always wanted to visit Australia, mainly to see Koala bears. Finally my dream come true. Although it's illegal for anyone other than trained professional to hold or pet a koalas, but at Featherdale Wildlife Park is an exception.Because I'm going on a tour, I got a chance to pet a two years old koala named Austin.

Austin, 2 years old koala

Finally I was able to pet and take photo with Austin, the koala bear. And they allowed you to retake the photo with koala for many times. Unbelievable right? It's something I’ve not been able to do at other Australia wildlife parks. And his fur is surprisingly scratchy^^

Other interesting animals.....

The wombats

amazing albino peacock

beautiful peacock and peahen

The Australian Pelicans, a large water bird

Spotted crocodile sunbathing in his enclosure

Australia little penguin

I have visited all the Australian animals and managed to stamp all the animals inside my passport.

free Coffee included at Featherdale Wildlife Park

I very much enjoyed at Featherdale Wildlife Park with a huge variety of Aussie wildlife. I hope in future I can revisit this park again, probably with my future kids ;P

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