Friday, August 20, 2010

Eureka Skydeck 88

My Mornington day trip ended earlier. So I have time to go to "one of must go" list, Eureka Skydeck, currently the tallest building in Melbourne. Eureka Skydeck is located beside "The Yarra River in Southbank", just a short stroll from my hotel. Only walking distance from where I'm staying, around 20mins I saw the entrance with a big sign. Luckily I didn't miss the entrance pathway as some construction was going on.

friendly sign board

Entrance to Eureka Skydeck ticket counter

finally I'm here ;)

I didn't see anyone else except the two receptionist girl at the counter. Of course I do have to pay a fee to enjoy those fabulous view. The ticket cost AUD$16.50, not so expensive and it's worth every cent that I pay to look out over the most livable city in Australia, Melbourne.

ticket for the entrance to Eureka Skydeck 88 (not included "The Edge")

some horses decoration at the lobby entrance

"Serendipity" table

Touch and discover "Serendipity" the 6 metre long interactive "Table Of Knowledge"

just follow the scrolling LED floor and wall display

Without wasting my time, I took the high speed elevator to the 88th floor of the Eureka Skydeck 88 and enjoying the fantastic 360 degree view over Melbourne. It takes 40 seconds to travel from the ground floor to the 88th floor. The most amazing part, in the elevator it doesn't even seem to be moving.

88 lucky number

Enjoying the night view and recognizing famous landmarks and well known Melbourne buildings.

Some shots of the best know buildings and tourist attractions from different perspective. All the famous landmarks are literally just below me.

free telescopes pointing at all the major sights in Melbourne such as "Flinder Street Station"

Federation Square

and also Royal Botanic Garden

*my favorite twinkling lights of the beautiful city, Melbourne*

# night view 1

# night view 2

# night view 3

# night view 4

# night view 5

There is a special viewing platform called "The Edge". A switchable glass cube which slides out from the building . Oh boy oh boy..the world's only "Edge experience" and I'm gonna to experience it.

Purchased my ticket and they give me the BluFi pager while waiting for my turn

when this pager flashes and vibrate it's my turn to The Edge^^

yes, this is how it looks like when flashes and vibrate

Cover given and need to wear on my slippers to protect the glasses cleanness

When I stepped into the box, it was spat out the side of the building. The floor is made of glass and I can look down to the street below. A great adventure as I look straight down, seemly just hanging in space with no floor beneath my feet. But warning for ladies, "Do not wear a skirt" ;)

After a few minutes of observing, I was given a chance to have a souvenir photo taken. FYI, we are not allow to take the photo inside The Edge.

received free "I survived The Edge" wristband

and my souvenir photo and this is how scary The Edge looks like^^

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