Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The last year of my twenties

Recently discussing quite frequently about my age. Am I going to be 29 forever? Yah, I know that's not funny at all. Approaching the number 3 in this year and there's a lot of thing in life I have yet to accomplish and to that, I have to work harder and even harder everyday.

Realizing that I haven't blog about my last year birthday celebration, so let's flashed back to last year birthday celebration. Another year another birthday. Time does fly. Last year I celebrated my 29th birthday which is my last birthday before I hit the big “three" (langgar pokok besar)

11 April 2010, my first, pre-birthday celebration with my cousin, Audrey and sister, Winnie. Both of them were born in April too.

Had our dinner at Yakiniku, a pet-friendly restaurant located at Pandah Indah

there's a reason why we wearing Sesame Street shirts, wait and see ;)

we used to celebrate our birthday together since young ^^

my cousin, Audrey (future doctor) also born in April, make it 8, 14 & 30!!

Tadah~ that's the reason why we are wearing Sesame Street shirts

just to match with our birthday cupcakes

Thanks Miss Pipo for the birthday cupcakes ;)

April babies

girls group photo

gosh Miss Pipo's hair so cute just like mushroom

we had our cake cutting session at Station One cafe

Happy birthday to April babies

Lastly, group photo

12 April 2010, my second pre-birthday celebration with my hometown best friend, Louise, Annie and Zane. Felt lucky and grateful because we able to gather together at this moment. Hardly to have this kind of gathering as everyone always busy with work and family. No celebration with them in this year and guess there wont be any birthday celebration with four of us in future as Louise is moving back to Sarikei next month. :((

I felt "touched" with the cake wording ;)

all of us

Thanks girls, I really appreciated and felt touched deeply by all of you

13 April 2010, my third pre-birthday celebration with my lovely students, Cassandra and Ashley. It was so sweet and I really surprised. In fact, I wasn't really expecting a surprise from them while the class was going on.

my lovely birthday cake from them

They treat me very well by ordering domino pizza for dinner

my pretty good students, thanks a lots

13 April 2010, my birthday eve celebration with Miss Pipo, Susie and Long Ge at 21st Century cafe Kajang. Two of them got me a birthday cake with Hello Kitty in penguin suit and add on deco umbrella and Malaysia's flag. Kinda cute and funny as well. LOL~~

Hi Hello Kitty, do u feel hot in that penguin suit? Haha!!

Moonkitty + Miss Pipo

my the only brother

14 April 2010, Happy birthday to me-eeeeeeee. When I reached office, my colleagues give me a birthday card and cutie birthday cake. Thanks Sports Business team members. Love you all!

Well, it’s already 8pm on my 29th birthday, and guess what I got for my birthday present? It's BMW 730Li..

Just kidding, YCGallery brought me to BMW 730Li media launch at Terrace at Hock Choon Off Jalan Ampang. Great event, great car, great wine, great food, and great experience to end my birthday this year. Thank you so much!!

17 April 2010, my belated birthday celebration with another batch of April babies at Luna Bar, Kuala Lumpur.

I ordered a special cupcakes for our april babies, Cheng Huat and Paul

I'm one of the April baby

Cheng Huat, talented April baby

and Paul, handsome April baby

Yay~ I know both of them would love this so much

Another birthday cake for April babies from Paul

Paul looks cute here ;)

Looking back to this photo making me realize how fast time actually flies
and Alisa will deliver soon, probably end of this month.

As hard it is to believe, life goes on we got to look forward. Hopefully this year has a lot of good things in store for me. Thanks for everyone for your birthday wishes, pressies and celebration. Greatly appreciate it!!


aisarayuzumi said...

same quote to me....adiosa 20's......lai lai 30's...hahahahah

MooNkitty said...

tipu la.. u re younger than me right?