Sunday, January 1, 2012

Review Of 2011

Busy 2011 was the reason why I abandoned my blog. That why my blog started to die around July 2011. I guess its the time of the year where most of us reflect in what happened throughout the year. So, 2011 what about it? Looking back at all the photo I have took, I'm starting think it was a good year after all despite having a quite number of down times.

We went to Bukit Bintang for 2011 New Year celebration. Not really went there for countdown but just for a fine dining at Bukit Changkat.

My eldest sister was here to celebrate New Year with me ^^

Went to Elcerdo for an interesting pork`licious experience

we really had a good time

My first cooked meal this year and also my first attempt to grill a good steak. It was much easier than I expected and it was cooked perfectly ^^

with garlic bread and mushroom, don't forget red wine too ;)

Romantic? We had our candlelight dinner at home

16 January 2011, bestie's birthday celebration at Zanmai Sushi Kuchai Lama

Last year, the Year of Rabbit welcomed us in all its furry glory. It was quite shocking to realize that Chinese New Year is less than a week away from now. 2011 Chinese New Year reunion dinner with friends was certainly a dinner experience to remember. Too bad, this year we don't have this kind of reunion dinner. A bit upset ;(

Chinese New Year reunion dinner with my secondary school mates

Both of them delivered a healthy baby girl and boy

Chinese New Year reunion dinner with my buddies

another Chinese New Year reunion dinner

and more...

lastly with family and cousins

Then come to my first cuti cuti Malaysia holiday. Unforgettable trip. Never thought Muar and Desaru can be so fun ;)

Stayed a night here

had the famous Assam Pedas Fish

Welcome to Desaru

Pulai Desaru Resort

beautiful and relaxing beaches

On our way back, I was prompted to drop by Johor Lama because I was reminded of history lessons. The village of Johor Lama is also known as Johor Kampung to the locals. The old fort was located on a hill next to the river. There aren’t any stone walls that remain today but for some earth mounds that do indicate some form of protective structure.

Museum building

The brief history of Kota Johor Lama written here

23 Jan 2011, the day one of my bestie Christy's ROM (Registry of Marriage) with his beloved Woon. I'm honored to be invited to their ROM. Congratulations, Woon & Christy

28 Jan 2011, successful surprise birthday party for our buddy TCB

And then came February 2011...

Chinese New Year reunion dinner with family

Last year we celebrated the arrival of The Year of The Rabbit!
Oh! My RM25.00 red cheongsam where i bought it online ;p

The most important about this year Chinese New Year is spending time with my family. Its all about Chinese New Year celebration with my beloved family and looking forward to a prosperous year of the rabbit.

15 February 2011...

My youngest sis, Miss Pipo 25th years old birthday ;)

23 February 2011, time flies and my brother leaving to Taiwan to further study

Then in February, my first trip travel around Sabah within 5 days. Our journey begins from KL-Sandakan (Sepilok) - Kota Kinabalu - Tawau - Semporna - Mabul Island - Tawau - KL.

my travel buddy, Alisa who are 5 months pregnant

meet up with my secondary friend, Ellis Chieng for dinner

Billabong Scuba homestay

Sunset at Mabul Island

suffering from very bad sunburn after that ;(

26 February 2011, last dinner at Paul's house before he leaving to Singapore for work. Mr Loong was the chef of the night! I miss those kinds of moments actually ;(

Then came March....

3rd March 2011, Dad's 58th birthday. Unfortunately we were not with celebrated his special day thru web-cam. Kinda special huh ;p

steamboat gathering at Yoon Li and NKS's house. How about another one this year?

On March 19, celebrated Riverbird 30th birthday

Moving on....

April 2011 also marks the year i enter the decade that is best for women ;)

Celebrating a 30th birthday is a big deal for a woman, as it marks the beginning of a new stage of life. Thanks to my bestie Lynn for putting so much effort in organizing the event. Thanks Cheryl for the wonderful decoration and balloons. Thanks to my sister Ping for arranging the best song thru out the night. Thanks to all my friends who sponsor the liquor and foods as well.

I love the Saujana Subang suite room, spacious and nice

Love u all ya ^^

Thanks TCB, Riverbird and Chloe for the birthday cupcakes from Wondermilk

It's still my birthday ;)

another celebration with Sports Business team at IOI Mall TGIF

surprise birthday from my students. Thanks for the birthday cake and Domino's pizza

Love ya ^^

Belated celebration with buddies at Ole Ole Bali Sunway

Thanks to all, especially Yvonne for arranging the dinner

24th April 2011, Happy 1st Anniversary to Arena

Haris, one of our kesayangan during his practical at ASTRO

farewell party for Haris as he had completed his practical training at ASTRO

30th April, celebrated Winnie's birthday at Sky Lounge. It's gonna be a memorable gathering cause this will be her last single birthday celebration before getting married by this end of year.

special custom made "Smiley" birthday cake for her

Each of you brought so much joy to her special day ^^

Nothing much happen in May...

Nicholas & Esther wedding dinner

my handsome buddies, Paul & Loong with new hair styles

However, June is the month of the greatest traveling...

Went to Singapore with Miss Pipo to attend Jane's big day

We become jimui and they created a lot of laughter and of course a lot of noise for the gate crashing.

Congrats and both of them just had a newborn baby boy

After the wedding, we spend 2 more days at Singapore. Meet up with my bro, Tommy

Meet up with Chris from ESPN Starsports

and also meet up with my old buddy, Tony

Since we are here, we don't want to miss out the opportunity to go to The Universal Studio Singapore. We had a great time here although we had no much money left ;(

a picture with "Puss in Boots"

a picture with "Po, The Panda"

a picture with "The Penguins of Madagascar"

Awesome fireworks ;)

Great time Great rides!

7-13 June 2011, My first holiday abroad with my parents only to Sri Lanka. Enjoyable trip ever with parent ;)

Sigiriya - Mount of remembrance


Having tea at Nuwara Eliya

and last destination, Negombo

30 June, my cousin twin babies, left is baby girl and right is baby boy at full moon party

July 2011... eat, sleep, watch football ^^ (Busy with BPL Asian Tour 2011)

Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea, three of the big four of EPL visit to Malaysia. The three teams will take on the national side on three different dates in July.

Got all the players photo with signature during a meet the fans session

13 July - Malaysia vs Arsenal @ Bukit Jalil Stadium

We got the VIP tickets, thanks Boss

Zarfan & Fido, die hard Arsenal

Malaysia supporters

Samir Nasri, one of my favorite

Ryo Miyaichi, new Arsenal player

16 July - Malaysia vs Liverpool @ Bukit Jalil Stadium

Liverpool players line up

Malaysia players line up

Again, we got VIP tickets, thanks boss

from that moment, she falls in love with Liverpool

now you are Liverpool die fan huh?

19 July 2011 - Chelsea meet the fans session @ One World Hotel

Fernando Torres

Frank Lampard


21 July - Malaysia vs Chelsea @ Bukit Jalil Stadium

thanks boss for the tickets again ;)

Wan and her son, Danish join us for the first time

sport business team bestie, Wan & Shelyna

all in Malaysia blue jersey

23 July 2011 -
2014 FIFA World Cup qualification: Malaysia vs Singapore

penuh semangat!!

Although Malaysia lost to Singapore, but Harimau Malaya tetap BOLEH!!

Lynn belated birthday celebration at The Library Boulevard Puchong

19 July - Our big boss birthday celebration

I love Sport Business Team ;)

Then came to August...

26 August 2011, Miss Pipo meets Daniel for the first time
(her exclusive & limited edition Viva)

and bring us for outing

hurm...that time I starting to have back my old sickness, can't eat ;(

outing for extreme activity @ Port Dickson

And then came blissful September...

10 September 2011, finally Yee Fen & Jia Jun tied the knot ^^

My buddy since Uni time

oh, I love this photo ^^

11 September 2011, rushing to Banting for gate crashing + last minute bride to be. At last can witness one of my bestie big day ^^

13 September 2011, Mid Autumn Festival with colorful lanterns

wont miss out with this happy boom ;)

16 September, my student Ashley finally reached her sweet 16...time flies

Happy sweet sixteen Ashley

22 September, after one month suffering from stomachache and frequent vomiting, I went for specialist check up. Suggested to do an endoscopy test to examine the esophagus (swallowing tube), stomach, and duodenum (first portion of small bowel). I uses to have gastric problem since young.

was alone thru out the process and nervous

Result: Ulcer gastric + Helicobacter Pylori infection

detection of Helicobacter Pylori ;(

on medication for 3 months and thanks GOD I passed the breath test after that

I got my 1st Limited Edition Hello Kitty Polaroid camera ^^

Busy october....

11 October, my boss belated lunch at Sri Petaling, Secret Recipe

16 October, my parent came over to attend Miss Pipo's graduation. Finally she graduated! Congrats sis!!

17 October, after free from paying my car loan and spend few thousand for it, lovely persona rammed into the back of my Kenari.

Ended at workshop for almost one month

26 October, make up my mind to change a new car ^^

The most busy month, November

after struggling, finally Stitch No 2 passed away ;(

The year is coming to an end when December finally came. Time starting flying faster than usual and I was fully occupied with lotsa thing to do...

my dear sister, Winnie got MARRIED ;)

Congrats Sis..

16 December, family trip to Penang except Miss Pipo and brother

while waiting Winnie to pick us up

she's the driver and I'm navigator... haha

Hello Penang!!

Awesome night at Hard Rock Penang cafe.. Thanks Lennon & Chung for your accompany

The next day, we went to Kek Lok Si temple

bought new collection from ASTRO book fair
just love reading... reading... and reading

finally I have to let him go.. such a hard feeling but I have to....
Thanks for the 7 years journey with me ;(

Finally I got it, thanks Wan for the new key chain

21st December, welcome to my life

24 December, ready to have Christmas eve dinner

A great dinner with my family & old friends

Christmas eve dinner at Allegro Cafe

25 December, hang out with Pa at Geographer bar

26 December, jalan-jalan cari makan at Malacca

27 December, cuci cuci mata at Pavillion

Belated birthday celebration at Uncle Chilis, PJ Hilton

Birthday boy, Woo Woo

31 December, BBQ party with friends and it's New Year Eve already

Another year has passed and I am now another year older. I'm thankful for all the good things that happened to me. Thanks to all who helped and supported me.

Fuh~~ Its my longest blog in 2011. So, Good bye 2011...