Friday, November 20, 2009

Downstream & OB

attention please... you're on air now

Talking about my job and what I earn for living?? Hm mm.. sometimes I found it is quite difficult to explain to everyone how is my job. Normally everyone will surprise when they heard about my position every time.

"waiseh... Director wor... walao eh...ehem.. ehem..."

Excuses me please. I'm not a Director although my position ended with a word "DIRECTOR". If I am... I will be driving Mini Cooper instead of Kenari, kereta kotak!!

Basically I'm working in Presentation Unit which involved in the production of sports events like football, tennis, badminton, rugby, golf, hockey, live events downstream requested by channels and more. My working place will be in Presentation Suite which act as the final gatekeeper of all ASTRO SUPERSPORT events, DOWNSTREAM and any live event required. And my job is to ensure a smooth presentation of all program aired to be live or tape playout. Besides that, I will take all necessary precautions in anticipation of minor and major breakdowns and take immediate action in the event of any downtime occurrence.

one of Presentation Suite, Pres Suite 1 @ Cyberjaya

One of my favorite, Downstream and OB which involved in Live Events downstream requested by channels. And I love to be the communicator instead of switcher. In this live event we will work closely with producer to ensure transmission between OB and downstream.

Pres Station

That time I'm doing Wah Lai Toi live event from Genting, Miss Astro Chinese International Pageant (MACIP) 2009. You can see Lynn Lim, host for the event from the monitor. Ohya, actually OB stand for Outside Broadcasting, means production crews from venue will produce the show and downstream will down link the live transmission on air.

* sorry I don't have the pics how the OB look like but you can click saimatkong's blog to look at it*
That white truck is OB station where all the technicians and directors sitting inside

rundown for the event complicated and I'm sxxk in explaining more about it. Just watch this short video how Pres Directors communicate with Director from OB during the live event.

In this video, He-Sham (switcher) and Moonkitty (communicator) and the other hand is my colleague (Fido) si pengacau!! He-Sham so cute in this video and make me laugh whenever I preview back the video. Actually I'm wearing headset and I couldn't hear what they are talking. That explained why I'm look serious ;)

"the journey of a thousand miles begins with a broken fan belt and a leaky tire"
but I still love my job and colleagues so much!!


Anonymous said...

very pro........

Kelvin said...

wow, looks interesting:D

Lynn said...

Feel a difficult feeling to look Annie so serious doing job. Totally diffirence personalities. So Pro'. Should be proud to your job and ur position as well. Ho ho ho..
I feel proud as ur friend and always respect ur end decision for new challenge. Really feel little "sayang" wanna to XXX right??

Joey Chai said...

haha, actualy we r so close^^
i work at network presentation dept which jz 1 step beside ur room...
Sham was our X-npu i noe him as nextime when i see u, i will gv u a big HI^^ c ya. Joey

MooNkitty said...

Hi Joey,

Yalor. we are so close to each other but too bad. I'm leaving Press Director department and will start my new job next year with HD channel ;)