Thursday, November 12, 2009

Happy 21st Birthday to my the only Bro, Long Ge

Happy Birthday Ade/ Ah di/ Ah dee/ Ah Bi/ Long Ge or whatever la...

You' re 21 years old now!!!!!!!

Happy Merdeka to you as well!!!!

Can go casino and clubbing now WTH -_-''

sorry no gold key for you, as you know your sister damn broke now :(
but got damn nice birthday cake for you
together with your student ID card (WTH with ur eyes)


GIF animations generator

Happy Buttday ya Man!!

Let's make a wish

Adoi!! Where got people make a wish like that !!

Then he change to a better pose

2 minutes later....

what he wish for until he laughed like that??

blow the candles with piggy mouth pose

dare to eat the cake anymore??


had a really hard time cutting the cake

because the cake overnight in the fridge

birthday boy with damn broke Moonkitty

Long Ge with Domokun freaks

Power domokun!!

er jie


Anonymous said...

happy birthday to Long Ge:)

WiNniE 凤的故事 said...

happy birthday to ah youngest brother....wish u happy always....