Thursday, November 26, 2009

Wedding Gate-Crashed

26th September 2009

It's was my pleasure when Sharen asked me to be her ji mui and help her to arrange the wedding games for gate crashing on her big day. I'm happy to be in-charge with the wedding games and would prefer something more romantic and more memorable than humiliation.

As I know wedding games are played when well wishers in ancient Chinese wedding gate-crashed the bridal chamber to tease the bride and groom. Some believed this tradition originated with good intentions which groom's brothers (Hen dai) wanted to frighten off any evil spirits lurking nearby by making the bridal chamber noisy and crowded.

But my opinion gate-crashed games should be those happy ones, do those happy happy ways and not those torturing or humilating. Actually I don't understand why gate-crashed games must started with torturing or make a fool to the groom and bothers by making those guy's wear disposable undies, wear adult pamper, makes guys wear bra and drink those cannot be drunk stuff?? Aren't a wedding supposed to be sweet and beautiful instead of create a fool image on a wedding? Is it still need a test meh on your wedding day? So does that mean if your husband refuse to play along, he fail the test then what's next? Cancel the wedding?? ~~><~~ Maybe ji muis simple forget who is the bride or main host on that day and they only want to have fun nia. Sorry, no offence ya!

So I guess it should be a pleasure one instead of torturing. I want the game that test the sincerity and groom's love for the bride in a creative way and simple. I want make it meaningful and enjoyable and of course the end of the result would be lovely sweet memories. And I hope at the end of the day, only bride and groom will remember the sweet moments.

2 weeks before her wedding, I DIY the wrist corsages for ji muis.

pinky wrist corsages

Woke up at 5AM to prepare and reached her place at 6.30AM for gate crashing. A bit nervous because this was my first time to tag team with 4 other girls for the gate-crashing games.

"ji muis"

I prepared all the cards with the instruction for the games. Just a simple one and not color printed.

with Hui Hui, one of her ji mui

1st game: Break the iceberg
We will fill the container with ice cubes and lotsa metal stuff such as a lock, spoons, and different keys.Then groom and Heng Dais have 3 chances to pick up the correct keys for the gate.

ice-breaking game with the groom and Heng Dais ;)

everyone say too small to fill with ice cubes

then we change to a big pail and dumped everything inside

welcome the groom and Heng Dais with a big smile
nyiak.. nyiak...

he pulled back his hand after touch the ice water
he didn't know we filled up the pail with the ice cubes!!


so hard to pick up the key meh??

wrong key.. 2 more chances

Heng Dai offer to help

after 2 chances, wrong key again..

punishment... angpow lai

satisfied with the amount and
we let them pass the 1st stage

2nd game: Eat and Drink "Sour, Sweet, Bitter and Spicy"
The groom and Heng Dais need to finish sour, sweet, bitter and spicy foods that prepared by us.

sour plums

sweet raisins

bitter gourd juice

hot and spicy chips mixed with curry powder

mixed all together

finish it all ;)

and they say yummy and ask for more -_-''

3rd game: Muack! Muack!
The groom needs to choose the correct bride's lip. If wrong the groom need to choose one of his Heng Dai and put the lipstick on them.

Ji muis and bride's lips
which one is mine??

he really concentrate looking at all lips
but end up he choose the wrong one...

he choose Winnie's lip

punishment begin ;)

awww... pretty!

4th game: Dance with me
I prepared the props to spice up the heat. Seaweed dress made with rafia strings. I took 3 weeks to finish all the dress with Miss Pipo and Susiegal help.

with "Under The Sea" music

Show time!!

shake their bom bom

popo laughed at their dance

5th game/ last game: Groom express his love in words.
Request from the bride as she complain her husband never say out "romantic words" for her.

moment of silent ;)

After completing the challenges the Jason enter the bride's room to fetch the bride.

Finally! Kiss the bride!!!
Jason lift her veil to kiss her.

Group photo of Ji Muis, Heng Dais with the groom and bride before leaving to groom's house



lynn said...

why everybody choose winnie lips? Adam also same...

MooNkitty said...

haha..yalor. maybe too attractive ;)