Saturday, January 2, 2010

ASTRO B.YOND Future of Entertainment

On 18 December 2009, Astro had a successful transmission of 4 B.yond HD Channel which are ASTRO SUPER SPORT HD, HBO HD, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC HD and my Dad favorite channel HISTORY HD.

As a members of the Astro family, I will be the first to experience High Definition broadcast in Malaysia for free. As staff, I will receive free ASTRO B.yond Box, Astro B.yond Dish, Smart Card, New Remote Control and new HDMI Cable. Besides that, installation also free ;)

Yippie!! and without wasting my time, I quickly print out and fill up the subscription form. Straight away fax it at 3am in the morning.

The next two days, ASTRO installer called to arrange installation date with me. Too bad as I was away to Bali that time. So I asked him to come right after I back from Bali. T____T cost me $$$$ for picking up his call.

10 December 2009, 8 days before B.yond Channel transmission start, Astro installer come to fix my ASTRO B.yond.

Mr. Ng is doing his job professionally

ASTRO B.yond box, cool huh?

new remote control

ASTRO B.yond dish, notice some are black in color

installation process

new installation setting, signal quality still low

after adjusted, signal quality reached 100%

exchange my existing old DMT decoder, paiseh so dusty ;P

Everything set up, let's take a peek of picture quality on HD channels

First: Channel 831 SUPERSPORT HD

wow!! superb picture

really impress with the quality ;)

oppss.. Astro B.yond promo


compare with Channel 811 Supersport

same match but so much different right??

Let's check out the second channel ^^

Channel 431 HBO HD

superb picture and cinematic sound

again... let's compare with Channel 411 HBO

I will let you guys be the judge ;P

Besides that, there are two more HD channels which are

Channel 575 History HD

and Channel 573 National Geography HD

Overall it was smooth and successful transmission. Now I can greatly enjoying superb picture and cinematic sound courtesy of Astro B.yond.

All ASTRO costumers can subscribe to the "High Defination service" with additional monthly service fee of only RM20. What you all waiting for?? Be the first to experience the future of entertainment. Please call 03-95436688/1300823838 now for more details.