Tuesday, January 12, 2010

GoodBye Xiao Bai & Welcome home my BFF

21st December 2009... finally i got back my BFF. I'm extremely happy but sad at the same time because I have to return the Kancil si xiao bai to the workshop owner (T____T)

Good Bye Xiao Bai,
Thanks for being such a good partner with me ;)

Been driving this white kancil since the day I met an accident last year on 17 Mei 2009. Can't imagine I had been driving this manual car without power steering for 6 months and four days. Fuh~~ not only manual car...everything inside this car also manual.

Welcome home my dear BFF.

I know my car might be too long stranded in the workshop. But I very satisfied with the result. My car looks brand new especially from outside and the performance is absolutely awesome
. I promised myself I will drive extra carefully in rainy weather (^o^)

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