Monday, January 25, 2010

Winter Wedding

Going to share my first experience how I spent my Christmas last year as I'm going to be part of my friend's wedding day.

Slept around 2am in the morning after done all the preparation for gate crashing game. Quickly went to bed as I need to wake up early. Lynn and me will be driving to bride's house at Tanjung Malim.

3 hours passed....I dream vividly and it's so hard to wake up
. I tried with all my strength to open my eyes. I dragged myself out of bed and into the bathroom. After dressed up, I left to Sunway to pick up Lynn. The journey will take approximately 1 hour.

beautiful morning ;)

as usual cam whore inside the car ;P

When we reached there, Lily is getting ready to be the most prettiest bride ;)

Our pretty bride to be, Lily

Time flies.... I knew them both during my uni time at UKM. All of us staying in the same hostel. Two of them starting "pak to" during our first year in Uni and always been spotted "dating" behind our hostel. hehehehe..... 8 years passed and finally both of them officially attached ;)

"Kien Seong, You are the Man!!!"

all ji muis

I had made beige color wrist corsages for ji muis

While Lily's doing her make up, our ji muis busy preparing the gate crashing game...

*Preparation for gate crashing game*

lucky pick ;)

sour, sweet, bitter, spicy

guess which one is mine :)

again another lucky pick

Finally done after put on the veil

with the most blissful bride, Lily

and group photo with bride + ji muis

FYI, the groom and heng dais already arrived at Tanjung Malim earlier than expected. Kien Seong ni..tak sabar sabar nak kahwin. So they have to wait at tol exit while waiting the bride to finish her make up.

bagi signal to tell them can come now

less than 5 mins, we heard the car honk!!

memang tak sabar sabar ni

firecrackers were set off right after the groom's car arrived

arrival of Superstar .... so many paparazzi

look like celebrity walk the red carpet with Kid


stopped by us who would not surrender the bride
until satisfied by red packets of money

greeting from Lynn and I love that words so much!!

"ju ni xiao chai chu... da chai jin"

after translate... means "wish your small wealth out big wealth in" -__-''

first game by Lynn

wah!! discussion some more among heng dais

macam hebat ni!!

Kien Seong's best friend selected to pick one from the pail

let's see what he got!!

a spoon!!

how to open the grill gate???

easy lah.. angpow lai lah...

Second game, is a must tradition game. All heng dais including the groom must finish all the "Sour, Sweet, Bitter and Spicy foods or drinks that prepared by ji muis.

spicy dried guava..
I know... we are being too nice!!

Kopi kaw kaw Cap Kapal

they enjoyed so much just like "bai nien" and aunties joined together too~

Tadah~~ this my favorite game ;)
choose the correct bride's lip

I know I'm a bit "bien dai" as I love the punishment if the groom choose the wrong one, he need to pick one from his heng dai and put on the lipstick.

At first, Kien Seong a bit confusing and seem more interested with guessing our ji muis lip

But he is damn good and managed to guess the correct one. So I'm the one who disappointed . He got the correct one because Piggy's lip is not there ;P

Third game, the groom needs to create "love words" from the alphabets prepared by ji muis. Let's check it out affectionate words from the groom.

with help from Heng Dais to rearrange the wording

putting in the full effort ;)

pilih - pilih warna some more

Kien Seong also blur blur and curious with the outcome

aduh.. tak habis habis with the lips part. Kepo betul!!

Pls la look at the words first ;)

Anyway I'm using both side of the cardboard for the game. Hahaha save the planet by practicing recycle ma. Ok so the beautiful words from the groom....




Look at his expression...

Over excited betul!!

Last game, choose the correct ribbon that tie to the the chair where the bride sit on. Again he got the correct ribbon. Rugi ni... asyik betul jer, kuranglah our angpow. So we trying to confuse him....

forcing him to choose the red color one, lily favorite color.

At the begining he refuse to trust us...

after few minutes ceramah by us, finally he agreed with us.

and pick up Lily's favorite color, RED ribbon which is the wrong one ;P

After enter the room... guess over nervous, he totally forgot he choose the wrong ribbon

and show to Lily his true words....

take pic as a proof

Just like Cinderella fairy tale story, Kien Seong helped Lily to wear heels. So sweet ;)

without experience, end up Lily needs to wear heels for herself. haha!!

bride's ji muis

groom's heng dais

Let's fill up our empty stomach. I just love the foods... all so yummy especially sambal nasi lemak.

Nasi Kerabu, 2 thumbs up!!

and my favorite kopi O

Look at the car plate, "We re 1981"

heng dais

ji muis

Look at the umbrella... different from wedding type right?

According to Kien Seong, it's means "GOOD YEAR" to get married. Betul juga. Creative betul dia ni..

lit on the firecrackers before leaving bride's house

peace means victory... "finally Lily belong to me"

reached kien Seong's house at Klang

bai bai

tea ceremony

famous Klang Bak Kut Teh, my lucky day ;)

The wedding ceremony ended smoothly and everyone is preparing for the wedding dinner at night.

Perfect match, Lily and Kien Seong

Lynn and me

and long time no see, Chooi Chooi

and we are wearing the same watch ;)

Yam seng from both family sides

honestly the foods really nice, especially the Shark Fin Soup

Yam seng around the table

Lily looks gorgeous in red cheongsam

Haha, try her luck...

That's how I spent my Christmas last year.
Overall it was fun and different from my previous celebration ;)


Dear Yoon Li and Kien Seong,

Your wedding day may come and go, but may your love forever grow.
Congratulations to the perfect couple!

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Lynn Oon said...

Nice Nice! I like this blog very much.
NKS &YYL wedding is dam nice. Im very greatfull been invited to join. Especially play the game with K.S. He is too smart and we have to confuse him.All game are quite challenge.I like the game he dam seriously focus analysis ji muis lips.Hahhaha.....very funny. Last, i like the photo YL v Ji muis at her room. She look so slim and beautiful among us and dinner CHOM SAM too!!!!Oh ya...the nasi kerabu kut teh many little things but felt that they taking care us very muchiii!!!I wish their love longlong lasting forever.I like two of them so much!