Monday, February 1, 2010

A Special message to My Beloved Sister

Well guess what, today is a public holiday in Wilayah Persekutuan, Labuan and Putrajaya. Means my first public holiday after I started working in office hour. Too bad. I fall sick and suffering from sore throat, slightly fever and flu... ended up spend most of my day sleeping. Such a waste!

Happy "Federal Territory Day" to everyone!!

my medicine

Its already one month passed.... I guess my eldest sister starting to adapt her teaching life again after long school holiday. But I still miss her a lot. I have all my siblings here except her, staying back in Sarawak. She is my only elder sister and I am very close to her. We spend a lot of time together in one month time.

she made breakfast for me

Sarawak specialty "kam pua noodles"

and dinner for us. Her cooking improved a lot.

all taste nice, yummy ;)

As a reward I brought her to Broga Grilled fish and Grilled Crab at Meow Meow Restaurant.

Calley looks bored

with my "pink eyes" that time ;P

waiting for our dinner at Meow Meow restaurant

We had an evening walk with Stitch at Taman Kejora, the place where Stitch grow up.

Stitch happiest day ;)

And we set up my white Christmas tree together.

thanks for the help

We went for food hunting at Malacca and she told us she want to eat 50 biji chicken rice balls......

we all laughed at her ;)

Hot day at Jonker Street

A Famosa

but her expression funny

chicken rice balls but only sepuluh biji

and Malacca famous BBQ cockles

After 3 years, we went travel again together. This time we flying to Bali.

her first time doing SPA ...

waiting for sunset at Tanah Lot

and she doesn't like Uluwatu because of the Monkeys..

Went to Ipoh to visit Juju and her baby, Jing Hui. My sis was staying there for 3 days and I just went over to pick her back.

I love this pic

messing around with toy gun at Ipoh shopping centre

had our first time drive thru "Ta fu fa"

For the first time I brought her to my working place. Of course enter with proper permission. I bought her cheese cake from our cafe, dumped her alone in cafe and went to settle some works. hehehehe...

inside the Pres suite

cam whoring is a must!!

last shot with giant satellites before we heading to Seremban

and we spotted "Lady Gaga" big fan in Seremban
and we keep humming "mumm...mum..mumm...."

Celebrated our 2009 Christmas together with simple steamboat at home.

and present exchange

Few days before she going back to Sarawak, I brought her to ZOO Negara and Taman Cahaya for cycling.

we went here before during our childhood
now we coming back to refresh the memories

with Emu and Ostrich eggs

snapshot with our rented bicycles

yeah.. a good day for us to do some exercise

and her last dinner with us before
she heading back to Sarawak tomorrow

Da Jie,
You are my sister and my best friend
Thanks for taking care our parents
having a big sister like you is a blessing indeed.

I know i wont be able to "duan yuen" with you all this coming Chinese New Year. Anyway counting down to Chap Goh Meh now ;)

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Amy Kong said...

Thanks for blogging our sweet memories during my one month school holiday at west msia. U know, i notice that there is someone missing in de blog. It is Winnie Kong. Y? Anyway, let's be de secret among us. I always hope that i can be thr with u all but not now...coz all of us hav our own responsibilities...mayb someday, our dream will become true, k?