Tuesday, March 23, 2010

BFF and I at Pulau Payar Marine Park

We wake up early morning around 7am, had our breakfast that provided by hotel and getting ready for our transport to pick up us to Jetty Point at Kuah Town. We are going to Pulau Payar, one of the most beautiful and exotic marine park in Malaysia. FYI, this island still remains unspoiled until today due to its status as a marine park and is South East Asia’s 1 stop snorkeling, diving and water activity floating platform.

Em mm.. I love beaches..
that explained why my skin tanned all the time ;)

my favorite Kopi O

Our booking day trips included pickup from hotel, lunch on the island and use of snorkeling equipment. Total time for this trip is from 8am to 5pm. While waiting for the transportation, we walked around our hotel for some photo takings.

view from swimming pool facing the sea

Bella Vista Langkawi Hotel
told you liao...really look like castle in the Disneyland

Once we had arrived at Jetty Point, we were escorted to the Jetty Point to where we were ushered into a power boat with both indoor and outdoor seating.

our wrist band

entrance to Jetty

from here you can go to Satun Thailand too

speed boat operated by Langkawi Coral from
Kuah Jetty in Langkawi Island

spacious boat

30 minutes after the speed boat left the jetty, crew in charge briefing on the day itinerary and some safety precaution. He also told us, last 2 weeks one of their "shark caller " was bitten by a shark during feeding show and lost his middle finger.

look at the wounded fingers, pity him right?

We also climbed up to the top deck for some fresh air and feel the wind in our hair while enjoying the beautiful scenery.

open deck

After 1 hour journey I noticed the boat starting to slow down and finally we arrived at Pulau Payar. Pulau Payar is located 13 km south of Langkawi and the water around is perfect for swimming and scuba diving.

Welcome to Pulau Payar Marine Park, protected natural area

we were transferred to the jetty by small boat.

the water is amazingly clear

the waters are crystal clear
can you spotted a shark?

awww.. so sweet

envy look ;P

enjoying the panoramic scene

Bikini girls ;P

the fish are very friendly and you can hand-feed them

our simple packed lunch

I always get mozzie bite...
yeah I know mosquitoes love me.

Met newly married friend from Germany ;)
both are teacher

Finally baby shark feeding show!!

At 1pm they feed the sharks and as you can see from he pics it is an amazing experience. If you, scare, you can stand on the jetty platform to get an overview of the sharks or you may stand in the water/beach.
I choose to stand in the water ;P

Sharp 1pm, you could see the first baby shark circling in the middle of the crowd followed by four, five, six and more.....

Don't freak, just a baby shark

The "shark caller" would start getting the baby sharks towards the beach by breaking little fishes and let some of the blood into the water. Only well trained "shark caller" can do it.

Baby shark feeding will be a memorable experience for me. Here I would like to share with you all the video of shark feeding in Payar Island.

Lynn and Christy with "shark caller"

After lunch, Lynn and Christy pay extra to go out snorkeling at somewhere far from the beach while I'm choose to sunbathing and relax.

found a good spot ;)

Never realize when I falls asleep and Lynn took this photos without my knowing. Damn embarrassing and I just couldn't stop laughing whenever i looked back at this photos.

Lynn is a bad girl ;P

At 5 pm, time to head back to Langkawi Island. We eat and sleep all the way back to Kuah Jetty.

goodbye ~~
Definitely will keep this memories of it into my heart

When we arrived at our hotel, we continue with swimming activity. I just love Bella Vista Langkawi swimming pool with good sea view.

nice right?

here you can order fresh coconut where
the staff plucked it straight away from coconut tree

and we non stop cam whoring with it ;)

haha!! kiss my feet please!

really having fun

Amazing sunset scenery

Dinner time and tonight we are going to have Thai food which highly recommended by local people here, "Restoran Wan Thai". The restaurant just only walking distance from our hotel ;)

Wan Thai serves delectable Thai cuisine at reasonable price

Unbelievable. I found this Bak Kut Teh herbs at 24 hours convenience shop near Wan Thai Restaurant. Look at the address, sarikei product ler.. why it selling here?

and i bought one home ;)

look!! here comes our food

fruit juices

pandan fragrant plain water

Kung Phat Sa Tor (fried shrimp with parkia)

Tomyam Kung Pla

Morning glory with belacan

Pla Yam ( slightly spicy fish salad)

otak otak

and we really enjoyed the dinner although it's really spicy ;)

looking for the restaurant?
here's the address ;)

Restaurant Wan Thai,
No 80 and 82, LangkawiMall,
Dundung, Jalan Kelibang
07000 Kuah, Pulau Langkawi

view from balcony, look at the moon
such a peaceful night

Such a tiring day. We slept earlier that night to recharge ourself for next day activity "
Mangrove tours and eagle feeding".

At first we want to have wine drinking session in our room.
But Lynn FFK me as usual. This is not the first time liao..

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