Monday, March 15, 2010

In Loving Memory Of Our Sweet Hamsters

This is how it all began....

One night, after dinner, dad found a little hamster, lost, scared and shaken up in front of the house. Dad called my elder sister to catch it and that was the day that little hamster became a part of my sister's life ;)

She had named the hamster Brittney, after the famous lead Singer in a band called "Chipettes". Coincidentally, she just watched Chipmunks 2 the movie a day before she found Brittney. From that day on, Brittney had played an important role in my sister's life. Brittney was her best friend, her shoulder or little body to cry on. My sister loved Brittney a lot.

The first time I met Brittney on 26 Feb 2010

The funny part in this story begins here. My sister had always assumed that Brittney was a female even though many people had argued with that fact. She was adamant that her little Brittney was in fact female until one day she decided to get Brittney married off. She had gone to a pet shop and got another hamster (a male of course, as she thought that Brittney was female) and named it Brad Pitt also known as Bread Pig (named after my brother).

The funniest thing is that when Brad Pitt was put into the cage with Brittney, a fight broke out. Both hamsters wanted to be a hero and decided to have a WWF battle. It was that incident that had made my sister accept the fact that Brittney was actually male. Then, she had no other choice but to change Brittney's name to James Bond. ^^

separate straight away into different cage

Sadly, both hamsters died for a reason unknown to mankind. Many assumptions have been made, some reasonable, some not so logical. One of the reasons that was given was the weather was too hot for these two heroes or was it the little butter kuaci nuts that had caused them to death? All this questions were running through everybody's head.

However, there was a main suspect in this investigation and that was someone so innocent, so demure, someone who would never have the heart to even hurt a fly - ME!!! I become the lead suspect in this case all for one reason. I decided to be a good Samaritan and help my sister clean their cage and it so happened that I was the last one to have handled them before I boarded my flight back to KL.

3 March 2010

During the cleaning progress

Me: yer.. why u so smelly and wet?
You pee pee on your head ka?

(pretending innocent)

Me: Shame on you lah.. so big liao still pee pee
on your head and bla..bla...

pissed off with me coz keep complaining

really bucuk!!

after clean it

put in an apple scent of wood shavings

smell nice ;)

Me: let me be your hair stylish

Brittney: HELP!! save me please!

Me: Don't worry, let me pamper you

After a while...
Brittney: arghh... I love this spiky hair style.
Make me look like James Bond ;)

purposely spreading around the kuaci as he really hygienic
and neat type

look at him, start collecting kuacissss

and hide it at the corner ;)

so cute the way he drinking water

Brad Pitt's (Bread Pig) 's cage

I think he already sick by that time. Look at his watery droppings..
pity him

sure you suffering a lot from diarrhoea

look like "MOLE" in G-Force movie

gonna miss you!

That night, there was a change in the air and atmosphere when I know Brad Pitt had died . I was in a state of shock as both hamsters were still alive when I was done cleaning their cage.

Brad Pitt's death was followed by James Bond on the 10 March 2010. I know that my sister was upset and sad on the loss of her two bestest friends especially her first love, Brittney.

You should know that in the time period of 2 months and 2 days, you have given and done your best for Brittney, despite trying to get her a "husband". I know you loved both of them very much. It was a sad news for me too as that was the first time and last day that I had seen those two furry creatures.

R.I.P Brittney (James Bond) & Brad Pitt (Bread Pig)!!
We love you!!


MiSS_PipO said...

RIP james bond and bread pig~ :"(

MooNkitty said...

all the pictures, ah fei haven't seen yet.

Amy Kong said...

RIP James Bond @ Britney and Brad Pitt @ Bread Pig...I will get ur replacement very soon...and last but not least...thanks to my dear sister for blogging this sweet memories special for me...I am so touched and I miss my hamsters so much!!!