Monday, March 8, 2010

Dad's 57th Birthday

Another birthday post again..... but I am one week late for this post on my dad's birthday.


On the 3rd of March 2010, it was my dad's 57th birthday. We celebrated it on 27th February, 4 days earlier with close friends and family. It's always to hardest to be away from my family when a birthday comes around. My dad loves family gathering, so we organize a steamboat dinner at my house instead of eating outside. In attendance, we had my dad's family.

We'd had a lovely day and it is important to recognize that family would never be where we are if not for the sacrifices of our parents. That explained why I went back home when Chinese New Year celebration almost ended.

Answer is .....

I can have double celebrations with my family, "Chap Goh Meh" and "my dad's Birthday"

My mom prepared all the steamboat ingredients, thanks a lot!

my mother made chicken foot soup for the steamboat soup base

We also da pao side order from outside

sea cucumber soup ;)

lemon chicken

Philippine's pork knuckles (the most recommended)

agar agar made by See Ling

we bought his birthday cake from Sarikei bakery shop

"57" candles for Dad's cake

and my Dad 57th birthday present.
I have to warn him not to curi curi open without my permission ;p

It's time to start our steamboat dinner ;)

mouthwatering.. slurpppp

my dad's younger sister with her family


birthday cake look fabulous

thanks Ah Wei for FOC candles ;)

Looking through those pictures of my parent all smiley and happy makes me happy too!

The best smile in the world. This is my handsome dad.

loving couple ;)

my family members, except Miss Pipo and Piggy

make a birthday wishes

Dad blows his birthday cake

found crab's claw while cutting his birthday cake

and insist want to take photo with it... -_-''

y lah my dad so cute one?

bro represent us to give birthday gift for dad

open patiently

what was his birthday gift?

look at his surprise face ;)

mai ge ge la... I knew you will like it ;P

perfect watch for you

what my dad got for his birthday this year

Tissot watch, shared by siblings

reading what we wrote inside his birthday card ;)

Family moments are important, appreciate them.

I value you, I love you, I respect you, I appreciate you, Happy birthday dad!!

I hope it was a special day because he is a special dad that I'm very thankful for. I'm already looking forward to making it a special day for him next year!!


Pat said...

according to the sam gu ba po of our family, ur dad's birthday suppose to be later than march... hahaha... i find it very funny everytime when they mention it they will quarrel... anyway, hope to see u in KL this time... will be in KL around 18 n 19 march...

Amy Kong said...

So happy coz can hav family's gathering especially during special day. Our family is poor of money but rich of laughter n sometimes arguments. Luv our family always.

MooNkitty said...

Pat: Haha.. yes u re right. My dad always got different date and version for his birthday... anyway we follow identity card. so can end up the argument very fast. Too bad u miss the dinner ya...
BTW u wrote there sam gu ba po here, didn't scare she read it?

My dear da jie... soon we can have another gathering ;) love u too