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Escapades to tax free island in Malaysia - Langkawi

I know this is way overdue ( 6 months ago) but here are the pictures of my Langkawi trip last year with my BFF, Lynn and Christy.

at LCCT waiting for boarding ;)

our boarding pass

Lynn, best friend forever

Fuh~~ the island of dreams. Look at the amazing view of the island. "Shy" It is my first time to Langkawi.

After 1 hour journey, Langkawi view from plane..

landed at Langkawi airport

For the moment we landed, we rented a car from one of the agency at the airport. We going to drive to our hotel. Of course we brought along the most useful stuff "GPS". We even paid for the package with the same agency. After bargaining with gaya "xi lai" we got a Nissan Sentra with RM50 per day ;)

"boss" for the agency, MR DINO

don't trust this weather information kiosk.
On our last day, it's rain heavily ;(

our rented car, Nissan Sentra.

set up the GPS and heading to our hotel, Bella Vista Hotel Langkawi

Again I booked the room from PYO Travel with affordable price. Bella Vista Hotel Langkawi just located right by the beach and facing the sea in Kuah. Falls in love with a western fairy tale concept. Just like castle in the Disneyland.

during checking in

hotel lobby and outside view

We stayed in 3-star hotel "Hotel Bella Vista" with sea view room. After putting down our luggage, we start to explore the room.

Overall the room still ok as long clean ;)

cam whore with my LX3
(my skin still looks so fair that time)


let's go to the balcony ;)

view from our room. One word, AWESOME!

applied sunscreen before going out

After settled down in our room, we decided to go to "Oriental Village" first. With GPS help, the place was quite easy to find. Our main purpose is to take the cable car ride up the mountain which offers visitors a spectacular 360 degree panoramic view from Gunung Mat Chinchang.

a must visit place in Langkawi "Langkawi Cable Car"

Amazing breathtaking view of Oriental Village with beautiful lake against a fantastic mountain backdrop.


Animal's Garden
is this the correct way to hold a rabbit?

Before proceed with our plan, we decided to have our lunch at Mizumi Japanese restaurant but they close for break time. Same goes to Krathong Thai restaurant. ;(

Mizumi Japanese restaurant

Krathong Thai restaurant

End up we had our lunch at food court, which the foods not bad too!

My "Langkawi laksa" which tasted like Asam Laksa ;)

After our lunch, we were on our way headed off to the Cable Car ride, perhaps the most famous attraction on the island. The base station for Langkawi Cable Car ride is located in the middle of this scenic village.

Langkawi cable car that bring you to the top of
Mat Chincang Mountain and Curve Suspension Bridge

Happily walked to the counter to purchase the ticket and the staff told us the cable car has to be closed due to the unknown reason. Maybe broke down or was under maintenance work?

disappointed cause we missed out to ride on cable car

Then we went to shop at duty free shopping shop and I found this. ASTRO cigarettes brand. First time saw this... wondering did ASTRO produce cigarettes too??

the picture on the box ...yucks!!

Then we headed to Perdana Quay, Telaga Harbour Park which just 10 minutes from Oriental Village. Such a nice place for photo takings. The scenery was beautiful and the weather was of course very hot!!

luckily I brought along my polkodot umbrella ;p

don't forget to wear your sunnies ;)

Without wasting our time, we went to "Padang Mat Sirat", the field of burnt rice with GPS help. For your information, GPS really useful and accurate here in Langkawi.

Beras terbakar entrance

Gamat is a well known product of Langkawi

Padang Mat Sirat, Kampung Raha

history information about Beras Terbakar

Christy bought this "balancing eagle"

All the rice on the island be collected and burnt in Padang Mat Sirat

Next we heading to "Makam Mahsuri" (Tomb of Mahsuri) but we just spend our time lingering around reading all the information. Remind me of History subject during schooling time. ;)

stop by to take paddy field picture

Continue our journey for sunset at "Dataran Lang" (The Eagle Square Langkawi). This gonna be our last destination for our first day.

singing and dancing inside the car, oh I miss that moment

munching junk foods while driving..

Dataran Lang, situated near Kuah Jetty

Langkawi's beautiful sunset

Dataran Lang at night

It's dinner time, let's go for some seafood

We went to Wonderland Seafood Restaurant which highly recommended by local people. And the restaurant just right behind our hotel. Walking distance from Bella Vista Hotel.

just a simple food store but the foods is cheap.
As for the food, it is better than average



lala soup

and crabs (2 thumbs up)

look at the ovaries.. wow!!

and steam fish

Wonderland Food Store,
Lot179, 180, 181,
Pusat Perniagaan Kelana Mas,
Jalan Trimula, Kuah,

07000 Langkawi,

Kedah, Malaysia

Tel: 012-6230441

Not enough with our dinner, we sneaked out at night for supper at nearby Malay stall. Haha!!

We had our cockles BBQ

Tomorrow going to the island, so put on mask for protection ;)

Really enjoyed our first day at Langkawi, can't wait for tomorrow day trip to Payar Island ^^

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Good night everyone!!

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