Thursday, April 8, 2010

Jane + Endom's Wedding - Rainy Wedding Day

30 November 2009, we woke up early morning. Since we only have buffet breakfast for two person so I went with Calley while Winnie and Lynn prepare themselves for the wedding ceremony.

Lot of food varieties to choose from. From western to local foods. I love all especially "Nasi Dagang"

Nasi Dagang

Kuah Nasi Dagang

sayur jeruk to complete the Nasi Dagang

my breakfast ;)

I finished it all by myself ;)

my favorite, KOPI O

After breakfast it's our turn to dress up for the wedding ceremony. I managed to sneak out some breads for Winnie and Lynn too ^^

I'm going to wear this bathroom robe to the wedding ceremony

just kidding, I won't forget ji muis purple theme

Once we all prepared, we straight check out from the hotel and move to bride's rented apartment which also in Awana Kijal Hotel. Once we reached her apartment, it started to rain. Without wasting our time, we took out the gate-crashing stuffs and arranged it nicely.

1st game, as usual sour, sweet, bitter and spicy

2nd game, choose bride's lip
(A must game for gate crashing)

3rd game, bite the biscuit into "I love you"

4th game, choose the correct ribbon that lead to the bride

where we tied it up

5th game, request from our bride. She want her Endom sing a love song

work hard together in the gate crashing preparation

and don't forget our Lavender wrist corsages

do you smell of lavender? ^^

After we done all the preparation, the time still early. So our pretty bride, Jane come out to join us for some photo session.

this is her lip

this is the ribbon she choose

concentrating on what our pretty bride said

you look so pretty today ^^

all ji muis wore purple color dress (^0^)

the other 2 leng luis are her younger sister

she so skinny since last time.

and more photos while waiting for the groom arrival

We also don't want to miss out the chance to take photo with our pretty bride

Winnie (ex-uni fren)

calley (her ex coursemate)

Lynn (her ex uni fren)

my ex room mate

and her twin sister

with her daddy and mummy

and little worm, photographer for her wedding

we keep waiting and the groom still not yet arrive

Lynn feels hungry and wanna steal the biscuit
but I say NO!

Then she "fatt lan cha" and sit diam diam read the newspaper

Haha!! actually no la. While waiting for the groom, we chit chat, eat eat and drink drink..

Winnie and Lynn toast a breads to eat too!

our heels but mine is the most lousy one ;(

my bestie, Lynn

twin sisters

We had plenty of time. We continued with our photo takings and jokes. All gila gila shoots.

two of them challenging who look more fierce

cool shoots

Her groom was late to fetch her...

we all got tired of waiting and waiting...

and more waiting more angpow as punishment ;)

End up she called up her groom and the groom informed he already started out to the bride's apartment.

excited ler..

whoa whoa whoa.. finally the groom arrived.
The bride's family were very anxious

Ji muis, Let's get ready!!

The groom arrived together with the bunch of "heng tais" rushed into the apartment

The groom and his heng tais seem so relaxing

Immediately the havoc began…during the gate crashing game

Heng tais told us, no enough and no challenging at all
hey, we are not here to kill you all

the most interesting part, guess which one is bride's lip

He choose the wrong one. Again Winnie's lip been chosen

he put on the lipstick as the punishment

and kiss the correct lip


Next game

in the process biting out "Love" symbol

not bad huh!

At first he choose the wrong ribbon, after he took out his more "secret weapon" the angpows, we all was bribed away and give him the correct one. Haha!!

The groom finally got the bride ^^

and slowly lifting the bride's veil

and kiss her bride on the cheek

I being so naughty and force the groom kiss her lip. haha!!

naughty but nice right?


group photo with ji muis

and all ji muis and heng tais

on the way to groom's usual traffic jam again ;(

and non stop raining...

There, we had our lunch buffet

After tea ceremony, our pretty bride come out to meet us

Although non stop raining since early morning but
it was a beautiful day for the couple.

Jane & Endom.
Big congratulations again on your wedding and to many happy years ahead!

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