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Jane + Endom's Wedding - Journey to the East Coast

29 November 2009, 4 of us will be heading to Terengganu to attend Jane's wedding (my ex uni room mate and bestie). Amongst us, we never thought she will be the one who get married first. During our Uni time, she the one who very shy shy type with guys... "Diam diam ubi berisi ya"

Anyway we felt very happy because finally she found her true love. And for sure 4 of us will be there as her ji muis. We are going to overnight at Awana Kijal Terengganu as she held her wedding dinner first before her wedding ceremony.

Girls...forgive me for the late post ;)

Calley, Winnie and me while waiting for lynn arrival

Since my car still lying unconsciously in the workshop, we drove there with Lynn's car. We are so excited to begin our journey to the east coast.

*Some of the highlights of our trips*

we stopped by at Taman Connaught for Dim Sum as our breakfast

but the dim sum didn't taste good like last time anymore

but they seem enjoying so much ;)

Lynn's new car key and I named it Chui Kaw kaw (thick lips) and I wondering how she can carry so big key chain for her car key??

But no matter how big the key chain, she still dropped her key inside Endom's friend car. At first we all very gan cheong when she told us she couldn't find her car key. We all keep searching for it and started to worry how we going to drive back to KL without the car key?? Shorten the story, the key found at last and thanks to Jane's father in law for sending us back the car key ya ;)

"chui kaw kaw" very yai yai

After breakfast, we dropped by "De Paris" bridal shop to collect Jane's hand flower.

Jane forgot to provide me with the booking number and I thought can collect it easily by mentioning her name. So Calley called her up but couldn't reach her. What to do, we try to search by name on the booking list. End up we found it. Fuh~~ Lucky

Jane's pinky hand flower

Our journey begin....

They all trusted my driving skills
*Saya pemandu yang berhemah*

lazy spiderman...

After 2 hours of highway driving, we stopped by at Kemaman for a coffee break at "Kedai Kopi Hai Peng". It's quite famous coffee shop in Kemaman. And that's my second visit here with Lynn ;) betulkan Lynn?

Highly recommended for all coffee lover

very packed, business very good

just love the old place feel with some antique stuffs

the old man inside the billboard and small pic are exactly same person,
"boss of this coffee shop"

"Nasi Dagang" our favorite ;)

toasted buns with butter and kaya
It was so good!


my classic Kopi O

Calley "Kopi Queen" with her original Hai Peng brewed coffee

I still hungry and had two half-boiled eggs as well

It was a nice place for cuppa. So all coffee lovers, don't forget to drop by at Hai Peng Coffee Kopitiam for a coffee break.

Hai Peng Kopitiam

3753 Jalan Sulaimani
24000 Kemaman
Business Hour: 0645hrs - 1800hrs

Another 1 hour drive, finally we arrived at Awana Kijal Terengganu. While I'm doing the check-in procedure, 3 of them non stop took the photos at lobby area.

found something interesting with this 5 stars hotel services

just drum this "Beduk" for few seconds for bellman's assistance
special right?

see it's really worked

FOC welcome drink for hotel guest

hotel lobby

I love the bathroom design very much. White color combination ;)

nice spacious room (deluxe room with seaview)
but i don't like the bedsheet, ;(

The room we were staying is facing the South China Sea with nice view. But too bad.. we don't have enough time to enjoy our time at the beach and swimming pool.

nice view from our room

And we are going to prepare for Jane's wedding now.
Make up time girls ;)

For more information about Awana Kijal Hotel;
Address: KM28 Jalan Kemaman Dungun,
24100 Kijal, Kemaman,
Terengganu Darul Iman.
Tel: +609-864-1188

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