Sunday, April 4, 2010

Photography session at Pulau ketam

Loong and Alisa come out with a plan to Pulau Ketam for walk and photo shooting session. I never been to Pulau Ketam before and always heard the place is good for photo shooting. In my mind Pulau Ketam just an island, a small fishing village located not far away from Klang and no cars or motorbikes at all.

Before heading to the jetty, we stopped by at Klang for breakfast. What else if not original Klang Bak Kut teh. We went to Kedai Makanan Seng Huat which also known as the restaurant "Under The Bridge"

one of the oldest Bak Kut teh restaurant in Klang

and tea to dissolve the fats

and varieties type of pork meat

pork intestines

tofu pok

all comes in a small bowl for each types


After breakfast we drove to Port Klang and took the express boat ride to Pulau Ketam. RM7 one way trip for about 30 minutes journey

don't worry..very safe punya

waiting for more passenger to fill up the empty seat
"tarak full tarak jalan"

love her eyes, alluring ;)

alamak!! caught us on camera

group photos

Less than one hour, we arrived at Pulau Ketam. We started to take some photos. All the great photos are taken by Loong, Alisa, Paul and myself. Thanks to my buddies for the photos sharing ;)

welcome to Pulau Ketam (Crab Island)

weather damn hot ok??

*Fishing village scenery from Jetty

lovely and quiet surroundings

wondering who so wu liao

wah, got day tour too in this small island

We can walk from one end to the other and back in less than an hour. So no point renting the bicycle although the price is quite cheap.

spotted the number? No 14 and 4
yeah that's my birthday date, 14.04
so coincidence right?

oh it's here, the day tour agency ;)

When entering into the village, we saw this lovely couple of dogs

very friendly

always stick together, so lovely

krring.. krring... everyone are using bicycles here

no cars, no motorbike, no busses,
only got bicycles

taman organic

yippie, fried ice cream!!
(highly recommended by Single Eyelid Boy)

friendly uncle, the fried ice cream seller

actually I'm sitting at Crab Inn entrance ;)
if wish to overnight, can rent a room here

fiddler crabs can be found anywhere

Main street of Pulau Ketam

nice take from Loong
bicycle delivery aka acrobatic show

Love this scenery photos

all nice shots from Alisa

look at my hands, it's crab's claws sign

chinese temple a centre of worship with crab statue
on centre of the rooftop

this path leading to the housing area

spotted the only red house in the village ;P

i'm in the red zone now ;)

local product, satay ikan

natural drying up process

*some of the villager's houses*

candid pose

different feel right?

dog & cat shoots

with her owner

*continue walked till the end*

I'm busy taking this little creature photo

Mud lizzard

and pity this dog, stucked in the mud

happy kids following us around

a special performance from him ;P

har.. found some illegal satellite here

There was really nothing much on the island. After done with our photo shooting and exploring around, it's time lunch time. Here I would like to thanks Loong, Alisa, and Paul for such a nice photo shooting moments.

*photographer in action*




We had our lunch at this Restaurant Kim Hoe. We are going to have fresh seafood for lunch. Overall the foods still ok and the price also quite reasonable.

fresh crabs

O chien ( fried lala omelette)

steamed crabs

fried prawns

steamed fish

After meal, we took boat around 4pm but back to Port Klang. Supposedly we will arrive at Port Klang Jetty around 5pm something, but we took the wrong boat. So beware if you saw this boat with this kind of ticket. She cheated us by telling us the boat will leave Pulau Ketam soon. Once we paid and hopped into the boat, we have been brought to round the island and back to Pulau Ketam Jetty again. On the half way, the boat out of petrol somemore. MY GOD!!! Wasted our time for more than one hour.

What kind of boat ticket like this -__-''

such annoying aunty, beh tahan with her laughing. Damn irritating.
sorry to be rude here

lucky Paul brought his iphone
at least he can stucked his ears from that annoying laughing and singing

I really feel headache that time

Anyway, I'm glad to be home safely
and let me introduce Loong's Schnauzer, HIRO

and thanks to my buddies for such a great day trip ;)


MiSS_PipO said...

mcm best aje..nak pi juga. nak ambik gambar.

lynn said...

hey the most beautiful photo i think u smile with crab hand''. i keep the photo. very beautiful lady in pulau ketam

MooNkitty said...

Miss Pipo: yes we can go one day for photo shooting again. maybe we can ask ah ngu together. Takkan nak guna LX3 i jer??

Lynn: Thanks but did you notice my perut buncit? Haha