Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Jane + Endom's Wedding - Wedding Dinner

29 November 2009 - Not much time left as we need to prepare ourselves for the wedding dinner at Kuantan. That mean, we have around one and half hours to do our make up and hair do. Pretty rush as we only have one bathroom for 4 people.

Luckily the hotel's make up mirror is big enough for us. Look at the photo, 3 of us sharing the same mirror. It's big enough for me and Lynn putting on the makeup while Calley curling her hair with a curling iron.

Haha, I'm wearing shower cup instead of hairband.
don't say ugly lah.. praise me creative ok?

We all enjoyed getting our makeup done and snapped a few photos before leaving to the wedding dinner.

I love Calley's dress so much ;)

Jane's hand flower still look fresh and pretty under our care

and we just can't resist taking photo with it.

Don't forget the red packets from us as well
we purposely bought this special wedding red packet

After 20 minutes, the driving nightmare has begun.


Traffic is congested all the way which we also don't have any idea how long we are going to stuck like this T____T

Look at the side mirror, there's a long queue wait at the back. And more worse... we are stuck in a traffic jam that seems to have no cause. We had no choice but to stuck in the jam.

I'm trying to have patience for the traffic headaches but I just can't. End up, Lynn took over my place.

3 hours later...

We almost give up because we might missed part of her wedding due to a traffic jam. T________T

I was told about the massive jam caused by worst traffic that crawl in both directions leading to the bridge near Kampung Bukit Kuang, Kemaman especially during peak hours. The bridge was built in the early 1960s to replace a ferry. Quite old already huh! Since the bridge cannot longer serve its purpose effectively, pleaselah built a new and big bridge ok?

But when thinking we coming down all the way from KL to Terengganu and we were trapped in the traffic jam for more than 3 hours, we gain back our strength to keep on the journey ;)

After passed the bridge, the traffic truly smooth. Old bridge that should be blamed for the caused of the traffic jam. It's time for new bridge to ensure driving safer and comfortable across the river.

smooth traffic after the bridge

screaming happily

Another 45mins driving, we arrived at Kuantan, Restaurant Seri Pantai Jaya with GPS help.

Finally we were able to see our pretty bride, Jane and her husband, Endom. I know she been so worried about us and keep calling us through the night. The dinner had started and yam seng also over. ;(

Endom and Jane

nice wedding stage

Jane's brother in law, Jimmy


group photo

with Jane's aunt and son

And we had this 2 dishes and dessert before the wedding dinner ended. How lucky as we really late for the wedding dinner. Honestly we really hungry and too bad, I missed out my favorite "Shark Fin Soup"

don't forget the red wine to cool us down

and liquor for some kicking ;p

cheers for our bride, Jane

end of the dinner, nothing left

Lastly photo session with our bride before we leaving back to hotel

Tomorrow only will be her "BIG DAY" and 4 of us will be her ji muis. We choose purple as ji muis theme color to match with our Lavender wrist corsages. She loves Lavender so much, that why I purposely made Lavender wrist corsages for her wedding.

Before going to bed, we make sure everything prepared and checked ;)

Our purple dresses - Checked

gate crashing game materials - Checked

Everything checked and some pillow talk before going into dream.
Can't wait for tomorrow^^

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