Friday, February 12, 2010

2009 Chinese New Year Flashback

Two more days will be the end of the year of the bull. *sigh*

I should be happy like other right?

And welcome the year of the Tiger


This year, I won't be going back to Sarawak for CNY celebration. Yah.. blame myself for being so poor and can't effort to pay such expensive flight tickets. Please forgive me ya, Dad, Mom, Sisters and brother .

Yesterday when I look back at 2009 Chinese New Year photos, it brings me back so many memories.

I would like to take this opportunity to share with you all my 2009 CNY photos. That's our first CNY celebration at Sibu since we move back from Sarikei.

I really had a wonderful time with my family during 2009 CNY


To save our budget, we took the flight from LCCT to Kuching instead direct to Sibu. In Kuching, we took 7 hours bus back to Sibu. We save around RM1000 plus ;)

Kuching - Sarikei - Sibu

not fun at all during the journey, bumpy road ;(

After 6 hours, we stop at Sarikei bus station

but this won't be our destination anymore ;(

after this tol, we reached SIBU

and my dad come to pick up us with mom

let's go home

my home sweet home @ Sibu

my mom handmade biscuits/ cookies
miss it so much ;(

At night we went to shop for CNY groceries

varieties type of can drinks. Can't find it in KL

and my beloved da jie who settled the bill ;p
look at her hand holding the bill

Then we went for supper nearby my house

And my first time ate fried chicken butt ;)
2 thumbs up!!

and my favorite "midin" a kind of fern

Second day at Sibu.....

my mom prepared breakfast for me ;)

to pay her back, I helped her to do house cleaning

while cleaning, realized my mom always eat
together with my house's maid, Ibok

The most funny thing is my mom always talked in Iban language with her and she answered in Indon language. Wondering how they communicate everyday? Body language??

found my handmade handcraft, when I was in form 3
my mom kept it nicely for me till now

mom showed me this is how she look like during young time
so pretty and slim

last year is the year of the bull, I'm bought it from nearby shop

and 2 tanglung as well. Last minute decoration plan

be friend with my sister "ayam serama" named Kais

As usual, every year I ll baked cheese cake


fully concentrate

tadah... done!!

then my aunty and cousins come to visit

At night we back to my grandma's house for bai bai

The day before CNY, helping my mom to prepare reunion dinner

chicken curry

"lu yak" (duck)

grilled lamb

full with foods

reunion dinner with my family

After dinner

another cousin, Camelia come to visit

helped my bro dye his hair

and do pedicure for my mom

Before clock strike 12 midnight...

enjoyed red wine with my siblings and dad

waiting for the firecrackers and fireworks

Sibu people so rich...
the firecrackers and fireworks continues for 2 hours non stop

The next morning, my mom made us "long life noodles" with chicken soup

dressed up and we took a family photo.
Sorry this year the family photo will be without me ;(

my beloved family ;)

with our own zodiac pose
Dad- Snake, Mom - Dragon, Elder sis - Goat, Me - Chicken,
Winnie - Pig,
Miss Pipo - Tiger and my Bro - Dragon

and Ibok also dressed nicely for CNY celebration,
too bad she back to Indonesia already.

Second day of CNY...

full with bai nien activities ;)

visited my cousins house

and my Sarikei friends come down to Sibu to visit me too!!

Michelle and me

Siek Lee Chai and his wife

at night, we continue our "bai nien" activity.
Location: my cousin's house

Third day of CNY, we went to Sarikei.
It's sad to see the flood in Sibu especially during CNY


with my mom having breakfast at "Mali Cafe" @ Sarikei

The cafe that served very nice Milk Iced Tea
& Laksa Sarawak Highly recommended by my mom ;)

bumped into my childhood friend, Alan

my siblings

Then my da jie brought us to our old house @ Sarikei

The new owner plant paddy besides the house.

Then met Ching and continue bai nien...

When I reached Sibu home,
my ex uni friend come to visit me with his wife

Yau Siang, ex uni friend aka ex housemate as well

Forth day of CNY, took bus from Sarikei to Kuching.
Again we will take flight from Kuching to KL.

Dropped by 2020 cafe for the most delicious "hugan" in Sarikei ;)

argh.. i miss it so much now!!

Our bus to Kuching to meet up with my dad and mom.
They went to Kuching to attend my cousin's wedding.

Prepared to sleep.
We will arrive around 6am in the morning

safely arrived. Miss Pipo sms my dad to come to pick us ;)

Mom and dad left us earlier as they need to drive back to Sibu.

And I'm meeting up with my bestie, Roselind and her kids

and my school mate, Robert and his kid too

Robert & Louis
Seriously he loose weight a lot ;)

Then Ching send us to airport. Thanks Ching.

Overall that's how I spend my 2009 CNY.

Well, I guess, it's never too late to bring back my CNY mood right?



shahmi said...

u look exactly like ur mother when she was young...nice!

Anonymous said...

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Please forward to all Sarikei friends

MooNkitty said...

Shahmi, thanks and you are the first person who say i look like my mom. ;)

MooNkitty said...

Anonymous: U also sarikeian?

Amy Kong said...

Must come bek home next year...we always miss u here...especially our lovely parents...and ur cutety elder sister...

MooNkitty said...

don't worry. Next year for sure I will be at home ;)