Sunday, February 14, 2010

Roar...Golden Tiger....Roar

Gong Xi Fa Cai!!
Happy Valentine!!

Supposedly chat with family thru web cam tonight before the clock strikes 12. But too bad!! Internet broadband at SIBU sxxk. Damn disappointed. Plus my sister told me, my parent also sleep early because too tired.

Anyway we didn't give up and keep on trying...

keep on trying..and stupid error appeared

sien till I enjoying my Bak Kua (chicken dried meat)

keep on waiting....

then I continue with chicken floss

then lokam

till the clock strikes 12....

It's Chinese New Year oredi!!

Miss Pipo called me and let me listen to the firecrackers sound -_-''

Anyway here I would like to wish my family....

Pa:May the year of TIGER bring you good health and wish u huat ar..kena magnum tiok toto

Ma:May the strength of the Golden Tiger bring you greatest health and happiness.

Da jie: Wish all your "soi" lari "Ong" mari. And what you dream will come true. Banyak money and always hua hi hua hi

Winnie:May Golden Tiger is coming your way bringing wealth, health and hope your wedding ceremony will coming soon!

Miss Pipo: It's your year. Let's welcome Golden Tiger with joy and laughter and wish you will graduate soon with excellent result. Aggressive a bit!! Grrr..grrrr and manage to find your true love soon.

Long Ge: Success in all your endeavors!! Study hard and "san san seng seng" ya! Really wish to see you success in your study and make us proud ya!

Miss you all so much & I really love all of you!!

Happy Chinese New Year and
let's welcome Golden Tiger with joy and laughter all year round!

Ah Ing & Stitch

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