Saturday, February 6, 2010

Suprise Pre Chinese New Year Dinner

I had my wedding dinner at Xi Lai Ton restaurant last Saturday.

Finally, I'm MARRIED!!!

Yes it's true. It's my name. Look carefully...

A.N.N.I. E


Hahaha... gimmick only. Actually I had booked a table for Pre Chinese New Year dinner with my siblings and cousins. It's just so coincidence that the bride name is same as mine.

nice number huh? "Yi Fatt"

Highly recommended this restaurant because they offer special menu for Chinese New Year with reasonable price. Besides that, the restaurant look nicer after a major renovation last year, if I'm not wrong.

Restoran Xi Lai Ton is located beside the road to Sungai Chua. All menus are priced from RM338 - RM1388. After discussion we agreed with RM388 menu set for 4-6 person. The best part, about the dinner is the restaurant manager doesn't charge us extra when we are more than 6 person.

my so in love cousin, single eyelid boy with sweety Joon

Lilian, Eddie, Piggy and Miss Pipo

complimentary peanut.. too bad I'm allergic with nuts

While waiting for our foods, we continue with picture takings.....

Lilian with her new toy

My beloved siblings

group photo

Chinese New Year dinners are never complete without the Yee Sang. This year we are tossing for more money!!!!!

Yee Sang served with Salmon

We picked up our chopsticks and get ready to toss


It was incredibly fun and we keep chanting


tiok toto ar....

it's all about requesting "chai" $$$

all lui bin (money face)

after tossed Yee Sang

very tasty and sweet

shark fin with crab meat soup

my favorite ;)

Roasted duck with BBQ sauce

While we waiting for more dishes to serve, two of them curi curi went to peek "Ye Zhi Mei". Big boobs mei mei that we saw during the dinner. Honestly it's really HUGE!! hahahaha

naughty couple

vegetables with sea cucumber, mushroom and scallop


steamed fish

gentleman's doing his job ;)

While waiting for more dishes coming, let's check it out what my handsome cousin trying to do?

look at his expression

guess what he trying to do...

he's waiting "Ye Zhi Mei" mei mei to come out from toilet
and want to take her picture

pervert!! (just kidding)

to prevent others suspicious he's pretend talking on the phone

at the end, he give up because "Ye Zhi Mei" mei mei hide too
in the toilet cam whoring
(source from Miss Pipo)

last dish before dessert, fried rice

Advertorial break, I'm selling false eyelashes now...
who interested please do let me know ;)

with cute Miss Pipo


delicious "muo chi"

sea coconut and longan

8 days more to Chinese New Year...
but this year I wont going back for celebration and reunion with my family!!
no comment

but I do believe my parent and siblings will understand my situation.

counting down to Chap Goh Meh now..


單眼皮男孩 said...

aiya u purposely write about my "shoi" things haha

MooNkitty said...

haha.. ;P anyway i did praise u did a gentleman job ;)