Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Date with Cupido @ Tenji

I guessed everyone has heard about Tenji Restaurant Buffet in Soho, Solaris Mont Kiara. So I'm not going to write a lot about this famous restaurant. Click here for more detail about Tenji from their blog.

Went there last year November with a pair of just married couple. Of course Riverbird join us as well as he is the one who arranged it. We are going to treat them since we can't make it to their wedding dinner last year October. By the way this is how they look like.

Loving Charco & Cupido

Hahaha just kidding. Anyway this dooodolls represent each of them. In real life, each of them really own this dooodolls. Charco represent Manager (husband) and Cupido represent Hui Yi (wife).


thanks Luanne for such lovely dress ;)

My 3 cents advice, the booking must be made before going there to avoid long queue. If you found waiting is the hardest part.

main entrance

We arrived there quite early before the restaurant open. Haha!! Acted like "kiasu" people. So what else we can do? Just lingering around and took some photos.

Moonkitty with cupido

Sharp at 6pm, we walked to the entrance and payment must done before you enjoy the buffet.

Each table will be given numbered metal clips. Just drop the clips into the bowl at the cooking area and the staff will know which table to deliver the cooked food to. Easy right? When they deliver the foods, they will return the clip so that you can use the clip for other food.

this is how the numbered metal clip look like

let's take a walk around the restaurant

ingredients for mini steamboat

big fish for display only ;P

varieties of veggies

sushi and California roll section

variety of teas for you to choose

and cakes & desserts too!!

more and more foods....

At outside, you can found grilled crabs and turkey

small size turkey ;)

I love thai coconut!!

and 3 types of ice cream

here comes lots of foods photos. Enjoy ya!!

how I wish to bring that whole bowl of marinated ginger home
super love it!

and I drank 3 bowls of this ciplak shark fin soup

chuka Idako, but keras macam batu

teddy bear shape of whatever ball



my grilled crab

a slice of turkey meat


fragrant coconuts

highly recommended!

mongo lou

although I'm only 5 feet ngam ngam but I can eat alot!!

woot woot.. they served beer and wine too!

see his face...
means no more next time in future ;P

Ended our buffet with dessert time!

My favorite, Kindori ice cream, Mango flavor

and chocolate flavor too!

Haagan - Dazs chocolate flavor

Overall I really enjoyed and happy! Definitely will come back again for the second visit.

Dunno how about three of them???

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