Monday, February 8, 2010

After 5 years....

5 years ago, that's my last papers i sat for my last exam. I graduated with my degree in year 2004. Since that year, I never sit for any exam and brain also beku liao.

Last month, I received an email from HR regarding notification for On-line Training and Assessment on Code of Business ethnics. It is a requirement that all employees required to undergo the on-line training and Assessment on Code of Business ethnics and to pass the assessment within 30days. More worse if failed to complete and pass the assessment, disciplinary action will be taken.

I hates exam + nervous when heard some rumors saying that the result will send to your manager. Mean your manager will know how many times you try to pass the assessment.. hahaha!!

But GOD BLESS ME! I passed the exam in my first trial. ;) and here's my online training certificate.

That's my full name ;)

I know there is nothing to be proud with this because every staff also passed the exam and also received the same online certificate. But that my first exam since I graduated. Honestly the questions manyak susah... manyak pening...

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