Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Australia In Spring

Sorry about the late entry about my Australia trip last year November. I have not posted it earlier because I was too lazy to sort out and edit thousand of photos.

Anyway my trip was fantastic, superb , wow, great and wonderful. ^^

I managed to buy zero flight ticket to Melbourne which cost me RM349 for round trip ticket. Flew straight from Melbourne after landed and got into Sydney with Tiger Airways. I was there for 4 days and 3 nights before flying back to Melbourne again.

need to fill up the arrival/departure card

reading some information about interesting
places in OZ before taking a nap

When I opened my eyes I saw the most beautiful sunrise


I need to catch Tiger Airways flight to Sydney. From Tullamarine airport, just follow the 'Tiger Paws' painted on the pavement to the Tiger Terminal (approximately 5 minutes walking distance) ;)

Tiger Airways is a low cost airline which commenced its operations in Australia in November 2007 which quite similar AirAsia.

While waiting for boarding time, bought my breakfast from Villa & Hut cafe. That is the most expensive breakfast that I ever had in my life ;)

Sandwich and a cup of hot coffee that cost me 14 dollar. (RM 43)

I realized that food among other things in Australia is fairly expensive. The duration of the flight from Melbourne - Sydney is approximately one hour.

After one hour of flight, I arrived in Sydney airport. I took Airport Rail Link to Town Hall. The Rail Link runs from the Airport Terminal through Domestic Terminal at Sydney Airport to the Sydney CBD. The train runs every 10 minutes and this was a quick and easy way to get our destination from the airport. It's also cost efficient if you are traveling alone or as a couple.

CityRail's ticket prices are based on the distance you travel

It cost about 15 dollar for one way ticket to Town Hall

The trains are double decked

Sydney's CityRail is an easy and convenient way of getting around the compact city. Its fast, easy and convenient.

Less than 30 minutes, I reached my destination "Town Hall" railway station.

Finally here I am at CBD, City Of Sydney^^

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