Friday, June 18, 2010

Hot Bondi Beach

My second day in Sydney and I'm going to Australia's most famous beach, Bondi Beach by bus. Actually Bondi beach is easily reached by bus. Just get your ticket at every 7-Eleven around town that only cost $2 AUD for a single journey on the day of issue.

I'm waiting the bus, outside the Museum Train Station. Hopped on the bus 333 to Bondi Beach. FYI, buses 333 or 380 that leave every 15 minutes will take you about half an hour to get to Bondi Beach.

According to weather forecast, it will be hot today with a high of 40 degrees Celsius. Just worried that I might have sunburn. ~~><~~

Bondi Junction, 3km to the beach

Bondi Park

First thing that attracts my eyes are Bondi Icebergs Club Bistro, a popular rock swimming pool with restaurant and bar facilities upstairs that look over the entire beach.

amazing Bondi icebergs pool
Cool huh?

Nice Bondi Beach local painting

Bondi beach local artists paint in graffiti style using aerosol cans

Finally here am I at Bondi Beach

amazingly clean and white sand

Peoples were actually laying out on the beach and messing around in the water

found perfect spot for sunbathing

lying down on the sand and stare all around me.

Lazing away the day at Bondi Beach and that's how i got my sunburn
(although cover up with umbrella)

Maybe the weather is hot, the sky is blue and the sea is warm, Bondi beach getting crowded.

Too bad, I can't go for swimming because no one is taking care of my belongings ;(

Before leaving Bondi Beach, having my quick brunch at Hungry Jack

took the bus back to Town Hall again

Result, I had a very bad sunburned on my legs and tanned even though I put on three coats of sunblock lotion SPF-130. And the pain is killing me (T____________T)

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