Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sydney Walking Tour to Hyde Park

After dropped off my luggage, I start for a walking tour through a number of other Sydney attractions such as Market City and Museum Station to Hyde Park in the heart of the city.

view from 33th floor, where I'm staying for 4days 3nights

can you see Queen Victoria Building^^

stopped by to collect information for my day trip

Behind me, Market City that located in the heart of Chinatown. You can find Paddy's Market which are Sydney's biggest market in the city under Market City. There are plenty of shops to choose from where you can buy various Australian souvenirs as well as modern fashion clothing and accessories and much much more. I got my souvenirs from here ^^

Passed by Museum Station that located entirely underground at the southern end of Hyde Park. Spring is absolutely gorgeous in Sydney. The sun still shines and the weather was perfect to be out for some sight-seeing.

In the heart of the city - Hyde Park

It is a time of regrowth and, yes, spring is definitely in the air.

Sydney tower from Hyde Park

city map with nearby attractions

according to my friend, down to this road was known as
"Dark Road"

because lots of criminals happen there

At the end of the central pathway, you'll find the greatest fountain in all of Australia "Archibald Memorial Fountain"

The fountain was funded by J.F. Archibald who specified the designer must be a French artist.

The basin is divided into three groups. Apollo represents the arts and serves as a protector while providing light to the world. Diana represents harmony and all good things of the Earth. Theseus, finally, represents sacrifice for the good of humanity.

This is the mother church of Australian Catholicism built on the site of the first Sydney cathedral "St. Mary's Cathedral"

view of St. Mary's Cathedral from Hyde Park

the lavenders that bloom riotously in the spring.

enjoy the trees, shrubs and other greenery

Time to fill up my hungry stomach ;)

On my way heading to Myer, International Food Court, passed by Market street, a cross street in the Central Business District of Sydney.

cute little star fishes display outside of the Myer Shopping mall

Tadah, entrance to Myer International Food Court

Giant Christmas tree
two more months to go before Christmas

"Sushi Sushi"
Japanese restaurant that belong to my friend

The salmons are super duper fresh

wasabi, pickled gingers and soya sauce

Ocha green tea

and lastly unforgettable, Japanese Raw Beef!!!

Dish that consisted of raw beef, sesame oil, sesame seeds, raw egg, green onions, lettuces and soy sauce.

The taste was very very OMG good and fresh.
I miss it so much now ;(

Bon appetite and thanks for the free meal ;)

Circular Quay, hub of Sydney Habour

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