Thursday, September 3, 2009

Clarins Body Beautiful Workshop 20 June 2009

Sowi.....*Outdated post*

Louise helped me to sign up Clarin's Body Beautiful workshop 2 month ago. Since I almost forgot what to write about this workshop, I just post some photos la. Maybe Annie Wong can take a look what we doing during the workshop as she FFK us last minute.

Workshop location:
California Fitness Jackie Chan Sport at Sunway Pyramid

form to fill in our information

New slimming product

organize by Women's Weekly magazine

ice breaking with Clarins beautician

while I'm cam whoring alone ;P

The workshop begin with introduction of the new product

Yoga session

How to eat healthly

Smoothie ingredients

Nice and try it!!


Then measuring our body BMI....

-_-'' and I'm wearing jean to this workshop

We having fun at 4 hours Clarins workshop and it's the place to learn more about the Clarins products and services. Why fun? yeah..Goodie bag that makes a good workshop!. The goodie bag is awesome!

Included healthy lunch set for us...

Vegetarian lunch set taste yummy

my favourite "Mango Puding"

Beside that, we pay RM50 for the workshop and we can redeem any of Clarins product that worth RM50. I got myself Clarins Cleansing Milk. After redemption RM80-RM50 I only need to top up RM30.

I like the smell of the cleasing milk ;)

Lucky draws at the end of the workshop make us more excited. We got free facial that worth RM90. Yabedabedooo....


LoUisE said...

me din go for the facial oso.. huh!!

MooNkitty said...

Hahaha...30mins facial only. Oklar but still prefer Herbal Line