Friday, September 11, 2009

Good bye my memorable Bali Trip

We have a nice sleep through the night. I'm wake up early as I'm so excited to visit the swimming pool. Lynn was still asleep.

I climbed up in her bed and whispered in her ear
" Ling Ling wake up lor....let's go swimming". Morning call Loong and Lee Ping as well before we went out to have buffet breakfast.

Har? Same tall with the ant?

Buffet breakfast & coffee is a must ;P

Impressive swimming pool with sand island

Cabana for rent

great time together

Happy couple

we enjoy jumping into swimming pool


GIF animations generator

just ignore the tag at my bikini pant
and my perut buncit as well -___-''

behind us, pool bar, beach volleyball, basketball

(T_T) time to check out

My idol, The Beatles

After booked a taxi to airport and store our luggage with hotel concierge service, we still have 4 hours left....

so we decided to shop again around Kuta
to spend all our rupiah

Saw this bikini and like it so much
but i didn't buy it

shop at Hard Rock Bali outlet again
He..he..he.. we wearing the same pant

and I bought this ring for RM10

tea break at Mcdonald's
*bukan calang calang Mcdonald's*

with Kuta beach sea view somemore

Nice mocha McFlurry

flight delay again for almost 2 hours...
seem like I'm going to spend my birthday on the plane

bought limited edition "Absolut Masquerade"

Before I fall asleep on the plane, I was begging Lynn to buy me "Hello Kitty's watch" as my birthday present. But she refuse and say I'm childish. (T____T)

Excited with Lynn with what we want to eat from the menu but end up sleep all the way from Bali to Malaysia. And missed the dinner as well. (T__________T)

Reached home around 2am with empty stomach. No one at home. What a lonely birthday and start to miss Bali so much! (T______________________T)

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