Monday, September 14, 2009

my busy merdeka weekend

While everyone was yelling happily for the long weekend holiday... I need to work *SIGH* bo eng.........


Anyway... although I am having a hectic work schedule I still fully utilize my merdeka weekend. Full bar! (^_^)

28 August 2009 - Shopping with siblings & Mama Josephine
at Sunway Pyramid

Piggy drive us there

while waiting for Mama Josephine

decided to have lunch here

love the french fries

more chit chat than shopping... girls -_-''

Bought Bio-essence eye bag serum for 50% (^_^) and discovered something are more powerful than make up remover. It's SIMPLE cleansing facial wipes. Cheap and effective especially to removes waterproof mascara =)

Reached home, took my bath and straight to work until 6am. Bought the movie ticket "UP" for tomorrow morning at Cheras Selatan.

29 August 2009 - Movie "UP" with Miss Pipo & Sushi at Cheras Selatan Jusco.


Wake up around 10.00am and went to Cheras Selatan earlier to avoid finding parking problem.

breakfast at Old Town White Coffee

Miss Pipo look more sleepy than me -_-''

wear face mask as well for H1N1 precaution
*cinema full house"

I thought the movie was funny at the beginning... but Carl and Ellie true love make my tears fall down. Only death can set them apart. Loving and touching. I lurve this movie so much.

snow dessert, one of my favourite

Chocolate - Honeydew - mango snow ice

big portion, worth it for the price

fried chicken drumsticks

After the movie, again I need to rush to work until the next morning. Yabedabedoooooooo!!!

30 August 2009 - Spending more than 12 hours at studio

Wake up from sleep and heading to work again. Count down my Merdeka Day in the studio.

Malaysia 52th Independence Day

31 August 2009 - Seremban trip with Louise's family

Back from Vaanavil Merdeka live downstream and safely passed through police road block with expired roadtax. Well done!! Waiting for Louise, Ah Chai and Prince Yao patiently =) as we will go to Seremban for grilled crab.

my casual wear

opposite direction heading to KL - jammed

macam - macam funny character.. he's so cute

my second visit here

Crab price increase during Public Holiday


We bought bacang as well

not easy to be a good mom
*salute Louise*

I "heart" this photo so much

My purple rain & Yee Kee beef mix soup

yeah, let's go back

stop by Broga pasar malam

So my Merdeka weekend was awesome, how about yours?


chris@dotagaki said...

Mine was so-so haha. Cool leh ur activities :)

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MooNkitty said...

Hi Dotagaki,

TQ for reading ;)