Wednesday, September 2, 2009

"A very warm farewell"

26 August 2009, attending a farewell party for Uncle Chidam at Sri Bayu Golf Club Bukit Jalil.

outfit from Mayuki Online Boutique

Uncle Chidam had retired after his 13 years services as a SENIOR PARS engineer in ASTRO. Gonna miss him so much as he always being like a father to me. Teach me a lot and always share his working experience with me. It was pleasure working with you =)

farewell toast from Uncle Chidam

farewell present from all of us

All PARS and PDs gather together for the farewell dinner.

sambil berbuka puasa

look at Ikmal ;P

Alief & Ally

Badri & Azura

Hasdi & Abg Hashin

Moonkitty with Uncle Chidam

Chief Stanley, Loong, Paul with Uncle Chidam

Abg Hashin with Uncle Chidam

Group photo

Uncle Chidam, as you move on into the next amazing chapter of your life, know that you will be missed, know that our best wishes and thoughts go with you. Come and visit us often and for this is farewell and not a goodbye.

After dinner, headed to Wangsa Maju to get my white dress from Macey. So paiseh as the dress is with her for more than 2 months since Luanne pass it to her. If not she will do the opening ceremony with my dress. nyek..nyek...nyek..

Anyway I would like to thanks to Doraemon for helping me to get this dress from Singapore and thanks to Elmo to keep it so nicely for me. Still putih melepak!!

TQ girls


single eyelid said...

walao Yur eyes very attractive!

MooNkitty said...

my eyes?? Hahaha thanks. When wanna bring me to Tenji?