Thursday, September 10, 2009

Memorable Bali Trip (Day 4)

Lynn and me wake up earlier around 7am to have a walk around Kuta Beach. Everyday we went out with Polos to visit the other places and never got a chance to hang out around the beach. Peaceful morning, the road is still empty and most of the shop is still close.

In front the hotel and Kuta Beach

Lynn tengah syiok sendiri

stopped by to buy some Balinese kuih

We only took half day tour with Polos today. He will come to fetch us after we check out from Kuta Floral Bali Hotel. And the most exciting part is we are going to check in Hard Rock Bali Hotel today. Yippie~

We checked out 3 hours earlier to go for foot massage and do some shopping. In the same time we also looking for the place to have our lunch later.

foot massage 1hour (around RM14.00)

colorful accessories, selling cheap here

having our lunch at Warung, Soto with rice (2 thumbs up)

Our group photo before leaving the hotel

Polos always punctual and he has been waiting for us while we still enjoying our lunch. We will go to Nusa Dua Beach first after check in at Hard Rock Bali Hotel. That explained why we are wearing our swim wear first.

Nusa Dua - Uluwatu - Jimbaran

Our room card & discount voucher

the bed is so big

Can't stay too long at Hard Rock Bali Hotel after check in as we need to continue our journey.

1st stop: Nusa Dua Beach

Nusa Dua is Peninsula in the South of Bali. Crystal clear water and stretches of white sandy beach makes Nusa Dua a perfect spot for luxurious resorts.Nusa Dua beach is a popular place for kite surfing. We spend around 2 hours here.

hot and sunny day

I love this boat kite
* wish to fly it up*

all along the beach

Algae for cosmetic or skin care purpose

fresh green algae

drying up process


2nd stop: Uluwatu

About 45 minutes from Nusa Dua Beach. This is the most spectacular temple on the island of Bali.Sunset viewing at Uluwatu is one of the must-do thing in Bali. Before that, we rest for a while at the warung for a fresh coconut and Bakso.

fresh coconut

Bakso, Indonesian meatballs that served with noodles
*must try*

after recharged, we walked to the temple

The inner sanctum of the pura is perched majestically on the edge of a steep cliff that towers above the legendary surf breaks of southern Bali.

And the view are best enjoyed on two different vantage points on both northern and southern portions of the area.

Loong took my photo and I took his photo as well


there are monkeys everywhere

Just becareful with the monkeys here
precaution signs have been put to remind about their aggressiveness

We skipped Kecak dance and heading to Jimbaran for dinner

Let's go~

3rd stop: Dinner at Jimbaran

We went Jimbaran Bay for seafood dinner. Polos was so nice by introducing the restaurant that belong to his friend with 20% discount some more. Forgot which shop and the name as I lost the name card jor...

outdoor dining area with romantic ambiance

fresh seafood

Lobster, but we didn't order as I heard always over priced

the chefs freshly grilled them for you

coffee is a must ;P

Bintang Beer

main dishes


candle light dinner by the beach, my first experience

After dinner, we back to the Hard Rock Bali Hotel and it's time to say good bye with Polos. Definitely will look for him again when I got chance to visit Bali again. Thank you so much!!

Thinking to go for swimming but too bad, the swimming pool closed at 9pm. So we just walked around the hotel.

Saw this guitar and the date remind me about my birthday, another 2 more days...

Lynn and me went to the lounge to utilize our welcome drink. The band was awesome and look at the big screen. You can watch it from your room tv as well.

Tomorrow is our last day in Bali. We will spend the whole morning in Hard Rock Bali Hotel.

Good night~

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