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Memorable Bali Trip (Day 2)

Didn't sleep well the whole night. As I'm having gastric and suffering the whole night while the rest sleep like a pig. Vomiting and diarrhea from 2am til morning. ~~>_<~~ Lucky Lee Ping did brought the "Axe Brand Oil". Feel a bit relieve after rub it on my stomach.

But this wont effect my mood from having a great holiday at Bali =)

Good Morning Bali

Our room at Nusa Indah Hotel

Swimming Pool

Lazy Cleopatra

We headed to second floor open space area to have our breakfast...

View from the top, Balinese's houses

Lynn -Moonkitty-Loong-Lee Ping

We hired a car with driver and booked him before we reach Bali. Nengah Polos is a soft-spoken guy and can communicate well in English. Price reasonable, freely, flexible and most important this is not like tour guide. Visit his website for more information Bali Driver Guide. Just drop him email and he will reply you very soon.

inside his comfortable MPV car

on the way to UBUD

During our journey, we can see "Penjor" or long bamboo pole with offerings to decorate in front their house. Polos told us is to celebrate "Galungan Day" or Winning Day.

Today, we will be going to UBUD, well known as city of art and where we can find all painter, art carpenters and many more here. Very relaxing place with beautiful panorama. We skipped Barong performance and straight heading to our first stop.

1st stop: Rice Terraces at Tegallang Village

No entrance fee cost. It offers a wide range of natural landscape. Rice terrace are everywhere with coconut trees and small river valley. Such a peaceful view and never bored of looking at the green steps all over and over again. (^__^)

Rice Terrace @ Tegallang Village

Enjoy the view

can enjoy a cup of coffee here

green paddy

The place really suitable for photography lovers.
We all camho non stop at here.


Moonkitty with Lynn

And some candid photos too...

I "heart" this photo so much

And lastly our group photo before move on to the second destination

2nd stop: Batur Mount Volcano & Lake Batur

The mountain located in Kintamani District. Still active and volcano smoking all the time. As we know it today was formed by an eruption in 1917 and it is still active . Since 1917, Mt Batur erupted three more times (1926, 1974, 1994).

clearly visible Batur's sub-craters
and the black
lava field of the 1994 eruption

lake Batur

3rd Stop: Tirta Empul or Spring Water Temple

This temple located in TampakSiring region near Gunung Kawi temple. The temple was built around the springs and special bathing-pools. The name "Tirta Empul" signifies a crystal clear stream which is used as the holy water for various religious ceremony.

the main courtyard

exquisite twin shrines and split gate

When we visit a temple, we must be dressed appropriately.That show why we wear a sarong here. Ehem ehem... only three of us going into the temple because for women during menstruation are not allowed enter the temple. Lynn is so lucky (^__^)

Sarong provided without any extra charges

Balinese little girl doing her prayer

Offering for ritual

bathing pools for the Hindus

Polos ask me to take a sip from the Holy Water

Unique statue

In the inner courtyard, there is clear state-blue spring water. In balinese legend this spring water was created by Indra God when he fighted with the Mayadenawa King. This place now crowded with the people when special day for special bath ritual called "Balinese Melukat"

bubbling up into it's own enclosed rectangular pool
through a sedimentary layer of black sand.

well landscaped temple ;)

bought myself a hat for IDR20000 after barganing

4th stop: Lunch at Ibu Oka Babi Guling *non-halal post*

Located in centre of Ubud city, in front of art Market. We had our lunch here and as usual the place damn crowded. Babi Guling, traditional and special Balinese food that you have to try when you are in Ubud. Their crispy pork skin, their spices and special pork meat make you want more and more.


Nasi Special (Rice+pork)

Nasi Pisah (separate rice with meat)

crispy skin


5th stop: Verona Spa, Ubud

The most happy thing. Hehehe.. I love SPA!! Highly recommended Verona Spa at Ubud because the price is damn cheap.This is the place I miss most (^0^).

All the rooms surrounded by paddy field
and very peaceful place.

I took Javanese Lulur (2 hours spa) 17th. century Javanese royal treatment. After a one-hour massage, my body is scrubbed with lulur (turmeric, sandal wood, and rice powder) to remove dead skin, an exfoliation of yoghurt to eliminate toxin, and ends soaking aromatic flower bath while having a cup of ginger tea with local fruits. Total of this 2 hour spa cost me IDR 150,000 (around RM52.00). Done my pedicure and medicure as well. =)

Contact to Verona Spa:
Jln. Monkey forets, Ubud – Bali – Indonesia
Telephone : [62] 361-970975 and [62] 361 970978
Email :

Attached with location map:

6th stop: Dinner at Bebek Bengil or Dirty Duck

Really an unique restaurant which serving delicious signature foods and relaxed atmosphera. The restaurant attracted our attention because of it unique setup. Besides having normal dining tables in the main hall, it also caters for group dining in cabanas

unique but lots mosquitos =(

The backyard of the restaurant is actually paddy fields creating a relaxed village atmosphere.


I love Bali Coffee

while waiting for our food

Bebek Bengil or roasted duck with special sauce

Nasi campur special

unforgettable pork ribs


After the dinner, we ended our second day in Bali. Fuh~~ Nusa Indah Hotel's staff helped us to check in earlier at The Kuta Floral Bali and all our luggage was placed nicely in our room. What a nice service!!

Swimming pool

our room which connected with Loong's room

and sharing the same balcony ;)

Time to rest!!

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