Friday, September 4, 2009

Memorable Bali Trip (Arrival)

Extremely outdated Bali post. Yeah...outdated post again. Sorry!

Anyway I decided to post up my 5days 4 night trip to Bali. I 'm flying to Bali with my buddies Miss Lynn, Lee Ping and Mr. Loong. Since I almost forgot what to write about this trip, I just post some photos la and share some travel tips, must do, must eat with you guys.

Boarding time =)

We fly to Bali with "Everyone can fly"

As usual, flight delay for almost 2 hours

Mr & Mrs Loong

playing around with Gummy worm

Arrived at Denpasar Ngurah Rai International Airport after 3 hours flight. Kind of weird because the airport was so empty. Wondering where is everyone??

see..see... so empty

Without wasting our time, we took a meter taxi (remember meter taxi) to Kuta for check in.

Long story happen when we reach Nusa Indah Hotel.... Let me make it short here. Mr. Loong booked the hotel and we going to stay here for 3 nights. He got all the confirmation by emailing.

Click to enlarge

Then the receptionist told us there is no our booking in the list. WTH?? Lucky Mr.Loong smart and bring the hard copy and showed it to them. Then the boss come out (quite leng chai ;p) and apologized. All because misunderstanding and the boss offer us a room for free with free breakfast.The boss also helped us to get room from another hotel for the rest 2 nights. I will post it in my next blog. 5 star service and 2 thumb up for Nusa Indah Hotel!!

All of us cheers happily for the free room and it's been so nice to squeeze all of us in one room for our first night at BALI.

meet Cleopatra at Nusa Indah hotel

Wasting so much time at the reception counter make us getting hungry. Without wasting our time, we immediately walked out to look for our dinner.

Indonesia always famous with Bebek (itik)

honestly, the food is nice and spicy

yeah, our group photo

After dinner, we walked to Kuta Square... the most happening area in Kuta. Approximately 5 mins walk from our hotel.

Kuta Square

hanging around Ripcurl shop

beside stairs, another option to go down to ground floor
*remind me "Burning Flame 3" movie*

Bali also famous for surfing activities

surf board for sale

Pass by Hard Rock Hotel, Bali
We going to stay here during our last night

Supper time

Grilled squid

taste like you are chewing bubbles gum -___-''

uhmm.. must have Bintang Beer

taste lighter than other beer

Time to sleep, Nitez

Stay tuned for more Bali update...Hopefully I can make it soon T____T


单眼皮男孩 said...

room for free?? so good

MooNkitty said...

yaya because one of the staff mistake with our booking, they give us room for free ;)