Saturday, October 17, 2009

A day of simple TOMYAM cooking lesson

KemejaT love to cook and I love tomyam seafood so much. So I asked if he would teach me how to cook tomyam seafood. I'm so happy when he agreed to teach me ;)

When I reached his house, Bobby come out and bark at me...

in the house he started to chase me and
then trying repeatedly
to hump my leg (T____T)

Meanwhile KemejaT prepared all the ingredients for the cooking. And I just stood still listen to him while my hands busy snapping the photos.

Let's cook!!

first prepare half pot of water

Chinese Chicken Stock
around 5 tablespoons (agak-agak)

bring chicken stock to boil

while waiting we prepare the spices ingredients

finely chopped all of it

don't forget lime leaves, thinly sliced

and also main tomyam ingredients

oyster mushroom

prawns in shell

cleaned squids, cut into rings

and fish

cut into fillet

Honestly KemejaT so pro in cooking. Let's the pictures prove all this ;P

won't get irritated eyes when chopping onions

hand-plucked lime leaves

extract the juice from limes by squeezing

and how to cut fish fillet...

pro huh??

when the water is boiling, put all the spices ingredients

simmer for another 15 minutes

now add all the seafood ingredients and
leave it to simmer for a few minutes.

wait for another 4 mins before adding
the oyster mushroom, salt, and lime juice

for the reddish version, add tomyam paste to the soup

Here's what the soup looks like ;)

Besides that KemejaT also cook fried kailan with salted fish.

after heat up wok with a little oil, he forgot add in garlic


a bunch fresh kailan

stir fry salty fish till crispy

throw in the fresh kailan

delicious ;)

and prawn omelette too!!

stir fry the prawns

then add the eggs and
again he forgot to add some salt -_-''

cook until golden brown and serve

After the dinner, I treat him movie at GSC Signature. Hahaha free ticket from Louise and will be expired on that day. Thanks Louise for the premier ticket ;)

Thanks Bro for the cooking lesson
waiting for another Pan mee cooking lesson from your mom ya??


Anonymous said...

He is cheif? How come a guy so pro in cooking!! Speakless.....Next time ur turn to cook for us ,,hihihi

ling ling said...

Very simple and look very easy to cook! the Tom Yam no oil...lok healthy food! He very smart in cooking, he is cheif cooker? The way he cut the fish so pro! Next time annie u cook k!!

MooNkitty said...

Anonymous, he is not a chef. Just he can cook very well ;)

Ling Ling, yup in fact cooking tomyam is very simple. Most important is the ingredients. He my ex colleague at astro before.. and going to be colleague soon again!!
I also shocked when he cut off the fish into fillet. Pro hor?? time I cook for you ;)

Kemeja T said...

haha..u just made the whole world know that i have a humping dog!! poor bobby!!

MooNkitty said...
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MooNkitty said...

KemejaT, hiak hiak... anyway I just made the whole world know that you are good at cooking ;) bangga ler??

Kemeja T said...

you're just speaking the truth!! i am a good cook!! and i do offer culinary lessons at an affordable price!!! haha

MooNkitty said...

KemejaT, sempat berniaga pula ;)

ahh small girl said...

wah lao, looks nice lorh ah vai! haha...

MooNkitty said...

KemejaT, now I'm confused. Ur name ah wai ke ah Vai? hahahahaha

ahh small girl, yes he really pro plus blur ;)

ahh small girl said...

he has many names...

u giving him credits!! ?