Monday, October 5, 2009

Nak Won, Authentic Korean BBQ Restaurant

I like to eat Korean food. Absolutely fell in love with their food and never get bored with it. Nak Won is my favorite Korean restaurant because they have a great food and great services. They treated every customer respectfully, from the young to the old, from the Korean to the non-Korean.

I have been to many Korean restaurants before, but Nak Won is still my favorite Korean restaurant. I end up going here about at least once a month because all my siblings loves to eat Korean food as well. This restaurant located at Ampang's Koreatown which is home to many Korean expatriates and some of them have set up businesses such as restaurants, saloons, supermarkets and bla...bla...bla....

Finally Susiegal got her pay day and invited us for a dinner treat. So here we are.....

Nak Won Korean BBQ

When we enter the restaurant, tauke nio and staffs greet us with their smiling face "an nyung ho se yo"

some traditional Korean dolls decorate the counter

Korean newspaper provided,
beside that
they have The Star too

2 seating section, either to sit on the floor with cushions or table seat.

not a high class restaurant but neat!

plain water served

Miss Pipo & Susiegal

Long Ge & Moonkitty

Red miso paste, green chilies, raw garlic and sweet sauce

lettuce leaves

complimentary assortment of Ba chan side dishes, refillable

complimentary steamed egg served in hot stone pot

Here come our main dishes... samgyeopsal (pork belly) & galbi (marinated beef rib). The staff will grill it for you, so all you have to do is to sit still, concentrate looking at how they grill and wait to be served. :)

charcoal are used instead if electrical griller

ready to grill samgyeopsal first


almost done...

after cut into bite sized pieces
thinly sliced meat is crispy :)


marinated beef rib

well marinated, tender, juicy and eating time!!!

Let me show how I eat korean BBQ food...

tear off a small piece of lettuce

dipped into sauce

place the freshly grilled meat on it

roast the garlic atop the grill, and
then add a slice to your barbecue sandwich with the miso paste

wrap around the freshly grilled meat
and make a bite-size sandwich

lastly pop into your mouth

Besides that, we ordered other dishes also...

ddeokbokki (stir fried rice cake with gochujang sauce)
highly recommended

kimchi jjigae soup served with rice

ended the meal with complimentary slices of watermelon
& roasted barley drink

Susiegal always feel sleepy after eat
meanwhile Miss Pipo
slow eater still enjoying her food

full with satisfaction

susiegal "pembazir tisu"

Bill please....If you pay in cash, they don't charge the service tax. Isn't it great??

Nak Won tauke nio with her polite smile repeatedly saying
"Gam sah ham nee da"

complimentary Korean sweets

greedy kids... no eyes see ;P

We walked to nearby Korean restaurant to grab some Korean imported ice-creams.

mine, watermelon flavor

Miss Pipo, honeydew flavor

Susiegal, chocolate flavor

Long Ge, orange flavor

Thanks Susiegal for the treat ;)

Jalan Ampang Utama 2/2,
Business Avenue Ampang Jaya,
68000 Ampang.

Visit the restaurant website at

Or call for any reservation at : 603- 4253 4249


單眼皮男孩 said...

patutla hari tu u ppl eat that daging with sayur...

copy korean food one. haha

MooNkitty said...

hahaha.. now only you know? in fact we been practice eating in this way long time ago...rujuk balik my friendster album, mooncake festival last year ;) anyway ho ciak right?

single-eyelid boy said...

ho ciak ho ciak haha