Saturday, October 10, 2009

"Hun Ngan" huge beehoon with razor clams

"Hun Ngan" one of Sarawak famous noodles.. I used to have it during my time at Sarikei especially the one at 2020 kopitiam. Never get bored with it and now I'm missing it so much (T____T)

Anyway I used to cook it here but most of the ingredients are come from Sarawak. This time, I'm using razor clams which i brought all the way from Sarawak. But most of the peoples will cook it with pork or chicken meat, which I'm not really like it. Sometimes I will use clams in soya sauce.

couldn't get it here in KL

My mom used to call it "lan gia" in hokkein mean anak manusia or small baby because of its shape look like human. -_-''

look like "lan gia" or not??

And minced chao zai, a kind of preservative vegetables. Also brought it from Sarawak.

minced chao zai

Huge beehoon, rice vermicelli soaked with lukewarm water until soft and drained. This huge beehoon also brought from Sarawak.

huge beehoon

red onions sliced into thin strips

First heat oils in the wok until hot. Fyi this wok belong to Mama Josephine and I'm still using it till now. Hahahahaha.... ok let's continue..

Stir-fry onions until fragrant

add on chao zai and stir it together

pour the whole can of razor clams

Add hot water and bring to a boil

After boiled, add beehoon and bring a quick boil
* add on some salt, vinegar and red wine*

lastly, dish out into individual bowls

Miss pipo and Susiegal both sarawakian gals
enjoying "chao zhai hun ngan"

bon appetite!!


單眼皮男孩 said...

hey how come u know how to cook hu ngan gei!!!
i oso wan to eat la!!! i miss my grandma one!!!

MooNkitty said...

of course la..I can cook many thing else some more. Thanks to my mom for teaching me all the cooking recipe and method.

Next time I cook, u come with ah Joon and ah jet...

WiNniE 凤的故事 said...

so geli i saw the "lan gai" ....with the lipstick and eyeshadow some more....hehe

MooNkitty said...

i thought what lan gai?? error typo actually.. hahaha lan gia la...

ling ling said...

Annie i like eat this ngan gei very muchi...Last time u cook at Sg Chua! Can fly after eat. I think u nex yrs my birthday u cook for me as my birthday present la!

MooNkitty said...

Ling Ling, Haha.. ya hor.. I cooked this noodles for you before.

Sure, anything for you my deary as long you happy.