Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Farmland Porridge Steamboat @Serdang Jaya

The rain stopped after I finished work. Every time raining, I will craving to have steamboat. Weird huh?? Since the weather so cold, we went steamboat dinner to warm up our body.

We went to the nearest steamboat restaurant "Farmland Porridge Steamboat" at Serdang Jaya just opposite South City Shopping Complex.This restaurant do offer normal steamboat but their speciality is porridge steamboat. The famous one is at Pudu but now they have lot of branches all around KL.

Farmland Porridge Restaurant
South City (branch)

Pur Er tea

I love their chili sauce

wrongly put the porridge pot on our table
in fact we order normal steamboat

the tomyam soup superb

my dinner companion, susiegal and Misspipo

2 steamboat set

and our side order ;P

eating time~

A good steamboat is fantastic during raining season (^_^)

No B-G-09,
Block B, Perdana Selatan,
Taman Serdang Perdana. (Opposite South City Plaza)

Tel:03 8941 9719

We went to Tesco Kajang for some groceries shopping after the dinner!!

damn long queue


SuSiEGaL86 said...

Wow.... I miss steamboat.... but i prefer buffet one. Can eat sepuas puasnya.... U make me feel want eat la.... When free go eat again..... haha.... i think u very like to eat steamboat. =)

MooNkitty said...

haha.. susie tamak!! mahu makan buffet but perut kecil macam miao~~~

Yes. I love steamboat especially raining time!! Hahaha tunggu bila hujan lagi we go ya??

WiNniE 凤的故事 said...

find one day we go to "YUEN" at sunway or the one opposite at "Miao Miao" ok....or even seri kembangan also can...ajaklah i sekali lain kali...huhuhu i mean which ever is near to my house the jaya one japanese restaurant...

MooNkitty said...

Piggy...don bluff you la. Always FFK.. that y lazy ask you out everytime