Monday, October 19, 2009

Mid-Autumn Festival Gathering & Party

Ya I know...late post again ;( Anyway Happy belated Autumn Festival everyone!

3 October 2009 - I had wonderful Mid Autumn Festival with my siblings, cousins and Lilian. We had our BBQ party and gathering together at Piggy's condo. That night we really enjoy bbqing, chit chat, share jokes and even played with the lantern till late of night.

Lotsa lotsa pictures... so just let's the pictures do the talking..

reached Piggy's condo and let's prepare

Honeydew, Miss Pipo favorite

My siblings and cousin, Audrey

Blek.... yeah I'm powerpuff girl ;P

BBQ pit, rented from Condo management for RM40

Our BBQ pit just opposite the swimming pool

posing before start our BBQ

Piggy was a big fan of Doraemon,
so I got her Doraemon mooncakes

look alike?
most of my relatives say so ;)

Let's take a peek at our BBQ foods...
all marinated by me & MissPipo

Chicken Marinade
my secret little recipe ;)


marinade beef

Japanese potatoes and corns

Cheesy hotdogs

marinade prawns

muar otak otak




BBQ fire preparations
Long ge start a fire ;)

fan the fire using newspaper

hard work together ;)

tada... here come my handsome cousin Single eyelid boy

let's start bbq'ing

everyone kepo kepo pretend busy bbq'ing

BBQ foods

Audrey asked "anyone want?"
Single eyelid boy mouth water looking at the cheesy hotdogs

everyone favorite ;)

more foods to go....

cut the beef into slices

Sayang'ing each other

and i keep curi makan ;p

perfect and for sure 100% cooked ;)

not only curi makan, we sneak out curi tulang as well ;)

and take pic with Dino

moonkitty & Single eyelid boy

piggy get pissed off when everyone complain otak otak tak masak!
and WOW FIRE!!


burnt otak otak

another cousin, Gordon in orangy

agree with Single eyelid boy about this pose..
fuiyo manyak seksi

finished our memorable BBQ meals

boring~~~ again Iphone maniac

the moon is clearly seen behind the cloud

without wasting the time let's lights up our lantern

kids are playing around with lanterns

colorful lantern

all of us

Single eyelid boy show time!!

macam macam character

pretend to be lovely

wanna swallow the lantern

er... act cute again?

King Kong

swallow bricks as well

pangsai pose??

anyway we all laughed happily with his funny character ;)

Long ge also wanna act cool

shy shy Misspipo

stand still pose
too old too hold the lantern??

lalala and me

Moonkitty & Misspipo

Susiegal & Moonkitty


wanna blow off my lantern -_-''

ya.. I know my hair smell nice ;)

Jumping happily until all of us pancit

Yea! time to have some mooncakes

bullying Audrey

Be careful, someone staring at the back!!

too old for sweet mooncake...


nvm... diet tomorrow
ur wife won't blame you

he lost his two front teeth!!

haha apek!!

Thanks ya all my lovely sisters, brother, cousins and Lilian for such a memorable Mid-Autumn Festival this year.


WiNniE 凤的故事 said...

haha, i still no yet see all the photos that taken on that day. but happy when read ur blog...

MooNkitty said...

winnie why the way u talked so kolot de... that day come my house why dont want to save it all?? pemalas