Friday, October 9, 2009

Pat Chan Soup is not a soup for men

I never have problems with period pains before but today I've really suffered with terrible period pain. (T____T)

During the pain, suddenly it remind me of Pat Chan soup. "Pat Chan" is a combination of a few Chinese herbs. My mom always tell me, this soup is good for women especially to reduce the menstrual pain, good for the womb and most important helps prevent a women from aging fast. It was a long time I didn't boil it, that why my body getting weak.

last packet, few months ago

This packet of Pat Chan which I bought from Sarikei, Sarawak is cheap. Never get other brand than this. RM2.00 per packet. This combination is bitter and sweet. And the herbs smell good.

Actually it's easy to boil this soup. Boil the water first. Then throw all the Pat Chan herbs into the pot and boil it with low flame until it's super black in colour.

Normally I will cook Pat Chan soup together with chicken meat. I heard some peoples will add eggs or just drink the soup like that.

Sometimes I will eat together with mee suah.

Pat Chan soup with mee suah

Slurpee time

Damn...the pain didn't get better after I done with this blog post!!

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