Saturday, August 29, 2009

Meow Meow Seafood Grill Fish Restaurant

YCGallery had bring me to a Seafood restaurant at Sunway Mentari few weeks ago. He recommended me their grilled crab because of its freshness. This restaurant have a very cute name and easy to remember. This two-lot restaurant name called "Meow Meow Seafood Grill Fish Restaurant". Isn't this a cute name for a restaurant??

busy taking photo

Tiger beer in Guinness glass ;P

See through kitchen

Grilled lamb and plain grilled crabs

Butter steam giant prawn & Pepper deep fried Squid

So I'm planning to bring my parents to have a nice dinner here during their last night here in KL. When we arrived there, My dad pretending to bark like a dog when he saw the restaurant name, "Meow Meow".

Both of us laugh at him. Why lah my Dad are so adorable?

My cuppycake ;)

All of us are hungry and without wasting our time we start to order. Ah Tiong and Juju joined us for the dinner too.

Tauke YORK with Mama Juju ;P

Piggy & Eddie

sleepy Moonkitty & Long Ge

manually using the fan to bring up the fire

Miss Pipo told me the crab's leg was still moving ~eeee~

Our foods (All recommended)

Pepper deep fried Squid

Spinach soup Chinese style with century egg

Pineapple chicken

Bitter gourd with salted duck egg

Butter steam crabs

Plain grilled crabs

Grilled lamb

Steam fish

complimentary watermelon

Miss Pipo, photographer for the night

Thumbs up for Mama Juju, pregnant for almost 7 months

proudly shows off her growing pregnant belly

I've been busy with my work during their visit here. Really feel sorry for them. Beside Tanjung Sepat trip I didn't really spend my quality time with them. But I'm sure they will understand with the nature of my working time. I'm gonna miss them so much!!

For the restaurant information:
Meow Meow Seafood Grill Fish Restaurant (Pork free)
No. 21, Jalan P PJS8/17, (corner lot)
Dataran Mentari,
46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 012-619 8881 or 012-218 8049.


Seng Choong said...


Thanks for yr dinner...=P


MooNkitty said...

Haha..welcomed. And sorry la because most of the foods u can't eat.

Anonymous said...

you seem to be very happy and enjoy, even you do not have enough sleep....
good to see your family you have twin sister?? i mean winnie and the other girl.....good to see u wonderful picture again!! is riverbird your boyfriend? i saw him to go thai with u. what a wonderful trip too....i like your description of trip....very useful for us to plan to go........

MooNkitty said...

Thanks anonymous. Yes sleepy and tiring with work.

Good to see my family again? Haha U know them? U know my sister name as well, Winnie. Then since you know so well about my family, u should know that I don't have twin sister.

Thanks dropping by my blog.

单眼皮男孩 said...

twin sister o wakakakaka..
ehh..bbq crab nice or not? i wanna try oso!!

MooNkitty said...

Yes, the BBQ crab nice and the price also reasonable... go and try la