Wednesday, June 10, 2009


There always somethings that we can't avoid. No matter what had happen. It might not be something that we wanted it to happen. Just unexpected.

17 Mei 2009, I met an accident during my way back to Kajang after having dinner happily with my sister Winnie at Station One, Jaya One.

It was raining heavily. I was driving down from UPM heading to Kajang. I had to keep left to turn into corner. I slow down my speed and turn in. Shit!! There are another accident with the tow truck parked at road side. I hit the brake pedal and my car lose control on the slippery road. And ended up swinging 360 degree (2 round) before hit the tow truck. T_________T

Surprising, I was very calm. I called Ah Sang (tow truck tauke) and waiting for him to pick me up while holding my umbrella.

Conclusion from this incident...

I hate tow trucks!

I hate rain!

I hate nightmare every night!

I lost my beloved hand phone (nokia 6500slide)... u only 1 year old

I miss my car ( damn it!!! how long my car still need to be warded in the workshop)

I'm driving manual car now!! I scare I ll forgot how to drive auto car

Anyway...thanks God, I only suffering from minor injury. Amen


MiSS_PipO said...

wakao~ damn teruk la ur car. can consider get another "boyfriend".

Vshanu said...

kekeke..get an expensive bf lo...just giving suggestions

MooNkitty said...

yayaya... how about Nissan Latio? Swift? booohooooo

单眼皮男生 said...

walao ur car really terrible...
see ur neck like that so sakit hati la...

it is good u love blogging now~
influenced by miss pipo? haha
but u cannot read mine kolien...