Thursday, June 18, 2009

Yin dee dtaawn rap suu Baang gaawk (Welcome to Bangkok)

Sawatdee kaa everyone...

Hurray!!!! I am jetting off to Bangkok today by Malaysia Airlines for a short trip 4days 3 nights. :)
Will reunion with Riverbird as he already there for work.

FYI...I have been flying with AirAsia since they launched their low-cost airlines. If not wrong, since my first year in University. Who ask their fare prices cost more than Airasia. So AirAsia become my first choice. *kiam siap ma* so need to choose "Now Everyone Can Fly"

But for this trip, I will flying with MAS with
their so called "low fare" airline services, "Everyday Low Fares". A bit nervous as I never fly with MAS since 8 years ago and scare I will do some "sia suey" thing. I'm scare I will forgot and check in myself at LCCT instead of KLIA... -____-''

I'm only carry a backpack... Everything packed.

Passport (the most important)

A-H1N1 precaution like Vitamin C & Face Mask

Redoxon Double Action Vitamin C plus Zinc
One tablet per day

Limited Surgical Face Mask bought from Clinic RM1.00 piece

Flight ticket, map to hotel in Thai language & Bangkok Information-printed

I'm very concern about swine influenza A-H1N1 virus at Bangkok. So I drink a lot of orange juice today :) Try to increase my body with lot Vitamin C..

-______-'' will it be too late?? 5 more hours I need to make a move to KLIA.


Tun Hoe said...

Hi, just read your blog la. And I come here to leave my foot print. Haha, ganbate on your blog la. And also your Bangkok trip as well.

Remember to update some nice food blog as well ya.

Vshanu said...

happy journey there..tata.cuti cuti bangkok thailand..!!:)

MooNkitty said...

Vshanu, Khap khun karp :)

single eyelid said...

walao!! drink orange juice can prevent about durian haha